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Cobalt boats have been around for over 52 years. Over these decades, Cobalt boats have helped their boat owners take on beautiful waters with ease, luxury and speed. For those that choose Cobalt as their preferred boat provider, these boat owners tend to stick with these boats for the long haul. The same can be said for boat owners that choose Anchor Marine Repair for their boat repair needs. Our Cobalt boat repair specialists are confident that once you give our experienced team a try for your Cobalt boat repair needs, you’ll never go anywhere else in the future.

Cobalt Boat History

It should come as no surprise that Cobalt boats are backed by very rich history. There are some key years in the history of Cobalt boats that should be brought to their boat owners attention. These key years have helped build Cobalt into one of the most reputable boat brands in the world. These important milestones include the following:

  • 1968 – This is the year that Cobalt boats were created.
  • 2001 – During 2001, Cobalt won their very first JD Power Award. This wouldn’t be the last!
  • 2015 – When it comes to stern-drive boats, Cobalt took the lead in market share leadership.
  • 2016 – During 2016, Cobalt launched their Surf Series boat, which has been a fan favorite ever since.

One Stop Cobalt Boat Repair Shop

Finding a boat repair shop that can handle all of your boat repair needs isn’t as easy as it may seem. Sure, there are plenty of boat repair shops in the area, but none that bring as much value to the table as our team at Anchor Marine Repair offers. Some of the key areas that help us become your one stop repair shop for all your Cobalt boat repair needs includes:

  • Unmatched Repairs – Yes, what you have heard is true. We can repair your Cobalt boat back to better than pre-accident condition.
  • Diverse Repairs Available – Whether you are dealing with collision, structural or storm damage, Anchor Marine Repair has you covered every step of the way.
  • Unmatched Experience – When leaving your Cobalt boat with us, you can breathe easy knowing that our services are backed by more than 45 years of combined boat repair experience.
  • Complimentary Transportation – As long as you are of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, tap into our pick up and delivery services from your home or dock.
  • Elite Boat Repair Products – When it comes to the boat repair products used by our team at Anchor Marine Repair, we only utilize the most elite boat repair products on the market. Additionally, our staff is always up to date on the most current boat repair technologies and techniques to ensure that you get the best repairs done for your Cobalt boat.
  • Free Estimates – At Anchor Marine Repair, we’re not a fan of surprises when it comes to Cobalt boat repairs. To limit any potential surprises for our clients, we offer free estimates to all of our clients. We’ll provide you with a thorough Cobalt boat repair evaluation that will identify all of the damage that you’re dealing with. The best part about this estimate is that there is no obligation for you!

In the same way that Cobalt is proud of their rich history in the boating world, our crew at Anchor Marine Repair is extremely proud of our rich history in the boat repair world. We’ve come a long way over the last few decades and we’re proud of becoming the #1 boat repair shop in Minneapolis. If you are currently dealing with some damage on your Cobalt boat, leave the repairs up to our team at Anchor Marine. This is a decision that you’ll be happy about for years to come. To learn more about our Cobalt boat repair services, give us a call today at (763) 972-3540 or email

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We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

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