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MasterCraft Boat Repair & Restoration MN

If you’re a proud owner of a MasterCraft Boat, chances are, you understand the importance of function but don’t want to lack in the luxury department either. MasterCraft Boats are designed so you can do it all, in one day and on the same lake. When your MasterCraft Boat is running properly you can glide smoothly through the water, ride that wake, land that 360 or just enjoy the beauty of the lake, the sun and socialize comfortably. Don’t let damages on your MasterCraft Boat slow you down. If you’ve got any type of damages, from the touch screen to the ski racks, carpet flooring or even more severe structural damages Anchor Marine Repair is a leading choice for MasterCraft fiberglass boat repairs in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Surrounding Minnesota areas.

MasterCraft Repair Convenience

Anchor Marine knows you’re busy and when you’re not enjoying yourself on the lake you’ve got other things that need your attention. That why we offer Boat Pick-Up and Drop-Off services; you pick the location, just have the boat on the trailer and we will safely bring it to one of our two professional boat repair facilities and once we’re finished you have the option of us returning your boat back to you. If you live in Western Wisconsin you might just want to consider your boat crossing the state border for some quality MasterCraft Repairs.

MasterCraft Boat Restoration

MasterCraft Boats are build and designed with an extreme amount of passion and innovation, it’s only fair to trust the same values when yours is in need of repairs. Anchor Marine has a combined 45 years of boat repair, restoration and renovating experience and is dedicated to providing you with outstanding service, as well as results. We are well versed in everything MasterCraft, from repairs and installation of the new groundbreaking surf system, windshield, seating, speedometer, run way lights and even the stereo – there’s no part of your MasterCraft Boat we can’t fix, from minor dings to major damages. We know our boats, brands and the highest quality replacement and restoration techniques.

MasterCraft Boat Painting

Maybe you own an older MasterCraft Boat Model and want to revive the look or you’re proudly in possession of the latest and greatest MasterCraft Model and want to customize it and set yours apart from all the rest. Our Professional Boat Painting Technicians have a slight of hand not commonly found and know the best process to transform any boat. We can turn your boat into a sharp and detailed work-of-art with custom paint jobs, decals, graphics, fades, or just complete a paint refresh, bringing your boat back its original paint look and condition; our trained and skilled technicians can achieve the exact look you want, with lasting results.

Quality MasterCraft Boat Repairs and Renovations in Minnesota

For the best MasterCraft repairs, renovations, replacements and painting services choose Anchor Marine Repair. We have two locations in Minnesota, one located near Lake Minnetonka and the other is North in Delano. For a Free Estimate on the MasterCraft Boat Services you’re in need of contact us today at 763-972-3540!

No Mechanical Repairs

We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

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