Propeller Mount Repair MN

Propeller Repair MN

The propeller is without a doubt, one of the most important parts of your boat. In determining boat performance, propellers are second in importance only to the power available from the engine itself. Without the propeller’s thrust, nothing will happen. Your boat’s propeller affects every phase of performance-handling, riding, comfort, speed, acceleration, engine life, fuel economy and safety.

We also know that few worlds are more unpredictable than the marine environment. With this in mind, the importance of inspecting the propeller on your boat can’t be overstated. The propeller is where it all comes together. Where the rubber meets the road… on the water!

Even in the best of conditions, props can take a beating. Striking underwater hazards such as a submerged rock, floating debris, shoal or deadhead can bend, chip or crack blades.  Even minor nicks, dings or scratches that accumulate from normal wear-and-tear can rapidly degrade performance. You will have less control, and performance and efficiency suffer.

However, this isn’t even the worst part. Any ding or bend on propeller blades will throw the prop out of balance. This can sometimes be felt with excessive vibration. Even though you may not feel a vibration, one does exist. An unbalanced prop puts a lot of wear and tear on the lower unit, especially the carrier bearing and seal. If you don’t take care of the seal and it leaks, the lower unit can be damaged permanently.

Lower units are expensive, and breaking down on the water can be outright dangerous. As any boater can tell you, breaking down in the middle of the lake can be a real bummer! When a boat motor breaks down out on the water, you can’t simply walk for help. Depending on where you are boating, a break down could involve flagging down a fellow boater for help or much more serious safety issues. And let’s not forget the bill if a tow is necessary… tow boats charge from when they leave their dock until you get dropped off.

Minnesota Propeller Repair Shop

The most important part of propeller repair is the shop that does your work. Propellers are a precisely engineered and machined part on your boat. Proper repair takes time and the right equipment. Plus, the proper repair of propellers is an art. It takes a true skilled technician to do the job right.

Don’t let a damaged prop shorten your boating season. We offer professional services with over 45 years of experience on all makes and types of propellers.  We bring propellers back to original factory specification. From small sailboats propellers to commercial fishing boats and yachts we have the experience and the manpower to undergo any project to optimize your boats performance. We are located in Delano, Minnesota. Estimates and consultations are always FREE! AND as a service to our customers, we pick up and deliver from your dock, home or marina. Call us today at 763-972-3540!



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