Boat Trailer Repair MN

One of the most commonly overlooked, but probably most important, pieces of boating equipment is the boat trailer. Without the trailer, the boat would not make it to the water. And, I’m willing to bet the farm that if the average angler paid half the attention to his boat trailer that he pays to his boat and tow vehicle, there would be a great deal fewer annoyed anglers on the face of the earth!

Proper maintenance and repair are critical to your continued enjoyment and safe use of your boat.  Most trailer malfunctions and accidents can be directly traced back to a failure to dedicate some time to the most basic preventative maintenance.

The issue is that when you launch a boat submerging the trailer subjects it to premature rust and corrosion, especially in salt water. When looking it over, pay close attention to the springs, bolts, and the under carriage. Also the bearing and hubs. Does the wheel wobble? Or make noise when trailering? Since they usually sit up most the year sometimes the tires can be dry rotted as well. Submersing the lights can also cause shorts or destroy bulbs. Do the lights work?

Each piece of the trailer is important and demands periodic inspections if you plan to make any tailoring trip a smooth and hassle free one. Also, special attention to your tow vehicle’s hitch is a good idea, as that is the only link between you and your trailer. The bottom line is… if you do not feel comfortable with the condition of your trailer, have it repaired before you take it out on the road again.

Boat Trailer Repair MN

Our service department provides complete service for all trailers. We can handle all your tire mounting and balancing, service repair, routine axle maintenance, accident repair, restorations, lighting and wiring. Whether it’s regularly scheduled maintenance or building the trailer of your dreams, Anchor Marine will make sure your boat and trailer are ready to go when you are season after season!

For a complete boat trailer repair, contact Anchor Marine Repair in Delano, MN at 763-972-3540. We do complete repair on your trailer, so that you can get back to enjoying all of the lakes, rivers, and streams our state is famous for.

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We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

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