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Yacht Repair

Yacht Repair BeforePurchasing a yacht is a big investment that most people cannot afford. If you are one of the lucky ones that is able to afford a yacht, properly maintaining these boats year around can be a tall task. At Anchor Marine Repair, we have a true passion for yacht repair and we have a dedicated team to back it up! If your yacht could use a little tender love and care, let us be your one stop repair shop for all of your yacht repair needs. Read Full Post


Boat Repair

Winter-Boat-StorageWith cold weather quickly approaching, now is the time that most people in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN area begin getting their boats out of the water and storing it for the winter. Before storing your boat for the next few months, it is important to do a thorough evaluation to see if your boat needs any repairs. Read Full Post


Boat Winterization And Storage Wayzata MN

Boat Winterization Services MN Sadly, boating season has come to an end in Minnesota. Now is the time to protect your boat and prepare it for next year. Any repairs can be taken care of by Quality Boat Repair Technicians and boat winterization services should be completed. Anchor Marine Repair provides trustworthy indoor boat storage along with our other professional boat services. We have a state-of-the-art facility close to the Wayzata, MN area. Winterizing Your Boat Properly winterizing your boat is essential for maintaining peak condition and preparing for the next spring. The boat repair technicians at Anchor Marine Repair can do boat model specific winterization techniques that keep your boat in top condition. Exposing the boat to freezing temperatures for even a short amount of time can crack the engine block if it has not been winterized. These are some general boat winterization guidelines: Cleaning the boat thoroughly inside and out, wax and oil if needed Engine winterization may include topping off tank with fuel stabilizer, flush with non-toxic antifreeze, change oil, remove spark plugs and spray with fogging oil solution Fresh water systems should be completely drained, disconnect and isolate the hot water heater, pump non-toxic antifreeze through the system and add to water heater Waste water holding tank should be pumped out Prepare cabin and boat interior by removing valuables and other items, clean out drawers, clean the refrigerator, add a moisture absorbing product if desired Charge the battery and turn off all switches Final inspection and proper storage Safe And Secure Indoor Storage Anchor Marine Repair offers boat pick-up and delivery services for people around...

Boat Repairs

Boat Repair Services mnIt can happen in a snap. One moment you’re beautiful prized possession is parked right outside in front of your driveway and then BAM…a snow storm blows through and lands right on your beautiful boat. Whether your boat was damaged on the water, on the trailer, or in storage, Anchor Marine Repair can help you to not get mad…but to get even! Read Full Post


Winter Boat Storage Minnetonka MN

Even though most of us do not want to accept it, winter is here. Snowfall and accumulation has already occurred, and it’s only the middle of November! All signs are pointing to a strong winter with lots of snow and ice. Harsh weather means it is time to put the boat up for storage during the cold months ahead. If you are in the Minnetonka, MN area, Anchor Marine Repair provides the highest quality indoor winter boat storage around. You don’t have to worry that the cold weather is here to stay, it is not too late to get your pride and joy, also known as your boat, in quality storage! Let the professionals handle your indoor winter boat storage rather than someone inexperienced that you may find on a search engine like Craigslist. Importance of Storage and Winterization Our professional shop offers a convenient boat storage package where we can winterize your boat while your boat is stored. While in storage, our boat mechanics can provide you with services such as: Full Boat Inspections – Can handle any repairs needed in the off-season. Filter Changes – Making sure your boat is ready to go once the cold weather is over. Detailed Boat Wash – This includes washing the engine, which benefits your boat and brightens up the body all at the same time. Add Fuel and Antifreeze – Top of your levels while it is in storage. Flush the Engine – Make sure your engine is in its best shape. Drain the Livewell – An important factor in maintaining the longevity of your boat. Let the Professionals Handle...

Boat Repairs Minnetonka

Boat Repair Shop MinnetonkaThe specialized boat repair technicians at Anchor Marine Repair in Minnetonka go to great lengths to give our customers what they need. We provide industry leading boat repairs and complimentary boat pickup and drop off services all throughout the city of Minnetonka and even Minnesota. Read Full Post


Wave Runner Repair Shop

Minneapolis/St Paul Jet Ski StorageWith any expensive investment that you make, you only want experienced and proven individuals working on the item when it is damaged. Cutting corners to save a little money in the short run may end up costing you exceptionally more money down the road. Getting your wave runner repaired is no exception. If your wave runner is in bad shape and needs some repairs before you put it back out on the water, choosing the right boat repair shop is critical. At Anchor Marine Repair, we take pride in offering our customers the total package when it comes to wave runner repairs. Between our experienced repair team, top notch repair shop and quality equipment, we can be your one stop repair shop for all of your repair needs. Read Full Post


Boat Repair St Paul MN

Restore Your Boat During The Off Season It can be difficult to find somebody who loves your boat as much as you do. When you locate a company that is dedicated to Boat Repair and Restoration Services and loves everything about boats, you have hit the jackpot. Anchor Marine Repair has a team of experienced boat repair technicians who are highly skilled and anxious to get your boat fixed up as good as new and ready for the next boating season. We can pick up your boat in St. Paul, MN and repair any damages caused from this last year. Off Season Boat Repair Now that the lakes are frozen over and another Minnesota boating season has come to an end, why not have your boat repaired during the off-season? There are so many ways that a boat can be damaged during the year. It takes a knowledgeable and skilled craftsman to restore a boat to its former glory. Anchor Marine Repair has indoor, state-of-the-art facilities that can give you convenient and affordable boat repair services. This is the perfect time to make any necessary repairs and dream upgrades while your boat sits idle for the winter. Boat Damages A boat can sustain damages due to many different causes including Storm Damage, Collision Damage and wear and tear. Some boat damages are covered by insurance. Anchor Marine Repair can assist you with your insurance claim and protect your investment. We have seen it all and have experience with all kinds of boat repairs and restorations. Storm Damage Collision Damages Fiberglass Damage Windshield Repair or Replacement Interior Boat Damage Upholstery...

Boat Painting Minneapolis/St Paul

ski_boat_beforeA paint job on your boat serves more than just a decorative purpose. We all love the look of a freshly painted boat as the sun hits it in just the right spot. Just as important as the look it provides, a fresh paint job on your boat also provides protection. If the paint on your boat has chipped and broken down, that can lead to other boat damages such as rust and corrosion. Read Full Post


Alumacraft Boat Repair

Anchor Marine is a premier boat repair company located in the Twin Cities. We not only service Minnesota but even North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin. We will drive up to 250 miles to pick up your boat for a repair and deliver it back to you. We understand that life is incredibly busy and that is why we want to make our service as convenient as possible. Read Full Post