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One of the most commonly overlooked, but probably most important, pieces of boating equipment is the boat trailer. Without the trailer, the boat would not make it to the water.  I’m willing to bet the farm that if the average angler paid half the attention to his boat trailer that he pays to his boat and tow vehicle, there would be a great deal fewer annoyed anglers on the face of the earth!

Remember To Inspect Your Boat Trailer

The boat trailer, not exactly the most glamorous piece of angling equipment, is playing second fiddle to a nice new shiny SUV or pick up and a souped-up bass rig. Though as I said not glamorous, it is certainly an imperative part of the equipment whose working condition can and does directly affect the outcome of a trip. A malfunctioning trailer can spell disaster for even the most veteran and most prepared angler.

Proper maintenance and repair are critical to your continued enjoyment and safe use of your boat.  Most trailer malfunctions and accidents can be directly traced back to a failure to dedicate some time to the most basic preventative maintenance.

Trailers consist of a frame, axles, bearings, hubs, tires, runners, rollers, winch, and lights. Some boat trailers are equipped with trailer brakes. Each piece of the trailer is important and demands periodic inspections if you plan to make any trailering trip a smooth and hassle free one. Also, special attention to your tow vehicle’s hitch is a good idea, as that is the only link between you and your trailer.

Enjoy Another Season Of Care Free Boating!

Ensure you’ll enjoy another season of carefree boating with proper maintenance.  Your trailer is very important part of the entire boating experience. Make sure your trailer is road and boat worthy. If your trailer has problems it could damage your boat or leave you stranded costing you time and money. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

If your boat is important to you, contact a reputable Minnesota boat repair company that has experience in boat trailer repair, collision, structural, and storm damaged boats.

See you on the water skipper!

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