Metal-Flake-Repair-BeforeIf properly maintained, fiberglass boats can look like new for years without showing signs of wear. That said, nothing lasts forever, and your boat’s metal flake paint job is no exception. Like any part of your boat, the metal flake paint that keeps your boat shining like new in full color can begin to oxidize and wear away if exposed too long to the water and weather, which means that your once colorful metal flake, or poly flake paint, can become much less colorful, leaving your fiberglass boat looking damaged and worn. If you’ve had a boating accident, or if you have an older boat that’s beginning to look like its best days are behind it, metal flake damage is especially noticeable, occurring in larger and larger sections the more damage your boat has sustained. For metal flake repairs that will leave your boat looking like now, come to Anchor Marine Repair for Delano, Minnesota metal flake restoration.

Combatting Metal Flake and Poly Flake Oxidation Damage

Metal flakes, which are responsible for your boat’s brand new, full-color look, are simply painted metal flakes, one layer of your fiberglass boat that can become worn and require repainting. Metal flake fading changes your boat’s color from its like-new paint job back to the plain metal gray it was before the metal flake paint was applied, slowly turning your boat into a spotted gray, worn-looking boat, no matter how old or weathered it actually is. But what makes your boat’s metal flake paint fade at all? If you haven’t been in a boating accident or dinged your boat anywhere but you’re still seeing metal flake fading, the answer may be as simple as improper maintenance, which leads to weathering and oxidation in the metal flake layer of your boat, causing the poly flake paint to turn silver. In order to combat metal flake oxidation damage, we offer metal flake repair and repainting so that your boat can return to its former glory in full-color without any silver patches or unprotected poly flake.

Prevent Metal Flake Damage with Regular Gelcoat Maintenance

You may be wondering, if oxidization occurs when your boat is unprotected and weather-worn, how does your boat last so long without oxidizing? By staying protected, of course! Although you might not realize it, there is a clear gelcoat overlay on metal flake paint, a layer of protection against weathering and small dings that could cause metal flake damage or oxidation. By simply maintaining this clear gelcoat overlay, you can ensure that your boat maintains a long-lasting metal flake paint layer. When your boat is in need of metal flake restoration, whether you’ve been in a boating accident and damaged the metal flake badly, or you need us to make metal flake repairs to an exposed area of metal flake paint that’s turned silver with poly flake oxidation, Anchor Marine Repair is happy to help boat owners in need of Delano, MN metal flake restoration and repairs. Call us today at 763-972-3540, or email to learn more about your boat’s metal flake layer and metal flake repairs.

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