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Affordable Boat Collision Repair St Paul MN

Affordable Boat Collision Repair St Paul MNThis boat season in St Paul, MN has been one for the ages! The weather has been wonderful and the lakes around this area have been the perfect spot to rest, relax and get away from the stressors of everyday life. That is, if your boat is properly functioning. If your boat has recently gotten damaged due to a collision with a boat, dock, or debris, you may not be feeling quite as optimistic about this year’s boating season. At Anchor Marine Repair, we know the feeling that you are going through. Rather than sulking and wasting what is left of this year’s boating season, let our expert boat collision repair staff fix your boat affordably, so that you can get back out on the water in no time. Read Full Post


Sea Ray Boat Repair Minnetonka

Sea Ray Boat RepairWhen it comes to luxury out on the water, you can’t beat a Sea Ray boat. These flashy, smooth and reliable boats have been around since 1959, and these boats continue to add innovation and more style year after year. Even though a Sea Ray boat has some of the greatest craftsmanship on the water, it is not immune to getting damaged. For Sea Ray owners, it’s not just a boat you are investing in, it’s a way of life! If you are fortunate enough to own a Sea Ray boat in the Minnetonka, MN area, it is important for you to have a plan of action should your boat get damaged or need repairs. Consider a partnership with our Sea Ray boat repair experts at Anchor Marine Repair. Read Full Post


Boat Repair MN

Premiere Boat Repair Company The Premiere Boat Repair Company in Minnesota is Anchor Marine Repair. We love boats and it shows in our commitment to repairing and renovating all types of MN boats. You can trust your prized marine craft to a team of technicians with a combined 45 Years of Experience with boat repair. There are just too many things that can go wrong if you take your boat to a company that lacks knowledge and experience. Anchor Marine Repair is Insurance Approved Boat Repair Company for both Accidents and Storm Damage Repair. Marine Repair Services At Anchor Marine Repair, we Repair, Rejuvenate and Renovate boats. Our expert services include repairing Aluminum Boats, Fiberglass Boats and Pontoon Boats from all around Minnesota. Boat Storm Damage Repair Boat Accidents and Collision Repair Boat Windshield Replacement Boat Windshield Repair Propeller Mount Repair Boat Insurance Repairs Boat Painting Metal Flake Repair Pontoon Boat Repair Boat Trailer Repair Boat Pick Up and Delivery Service for a 250 mile radius of the Twin Cities Metro Area Artistry of Boat Repair and Restoration There is artistry involved in almost all aspects of boat repair. Skilled technicians utilize the latest technology to achieve near perfect results in Storm Damage and Accidents repair work. Anchor Marine Repair takes the time to do it right for flawless results. Our boat repair services can take a very damaged boat and restore it to pre-accident condition much faster than you may think. State of the Art Boat Repair Facility Our 10,000 square foot facility at Anchor Marine Repair boasts 2 spray booths that can have your boat looking as...

Pontoon Repair Minneapolis MN

Month after month over the winter season, you were telling yourself that it was time to get your pontoon fixed before spring arrives. Well, the warmer weather is here and all of your friends with boats are ready to get their pontoons out on the water, if they haven’t already done so. If your pontoon boat needs a few repairs before you can get it out on the lake, Anchor Marine Repair is eager to help! Don’t waste anymore time being lazy. This beautiful, Minneapolis, MN weather does not last all year long! Don’t let another lake season go by with your pontoon boat spending too much time on land instead of the water! Top Notch Pontoon Repair Services By partnering with Anchor Marine Repair, you are teaming up with the number one boat repair shop in Minneapolis. Achieving this recognition did not come easy. Thanks to our experienced staff that has over 45 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge to handle any pontoon repair job. Additionally, we strive to make the repair process as easy as possible for you as a customer. To make it easy on you, our staff will pick up and deliver your pontoon back to you after the repairs have been completed, as long as you live within 250 miles of Minneapolis. All of these characteristics help to make sure that your pontoon is given back to you in better shape than it was in before any accident or repair occurred. Although we are busy this time of year, our 10,000 square foot facility allows us to tackle multiple repair projects at...

Boat Repair Plymouth MN

Having to get repairs done on your best friend, also known as your boat, can be tough to swallow. Your boat not only serves as a means of transportation, but it also brings happiness, joy, and adventure to your life. For many, the thought of not having your boat around could nearly bring a tear to your eye. Being that boats are such a large investment, it is very important to address any repair issues immediately. If you live in Plymouth, MN, you are in luck, because Anchor Marine Repair is right around the corner. Our dedicated staff is ready to provide you and your boat the repair services needed to get you both out on the water as soon as possible! Boat Repair MN Our goal is to repair your boat to a better condition than it was in before the accident happened. With a passion for boats and over 45 years of combined boat repair experience, our team of professionals have been able to serve as this area’s number one boat repair shop for years. Another feature that makes us different than our competition is that we solely focus on boat repairs, and that is it. Our daily time and energy is spent on repairing boats. Our passion for boat repair can be seen by the fact that we have a 10,000 square foot facility built for year round boat repairs. Boat Damage Repair Done Right Anchor Marine Repair makes the repair process as simple as possible for our customers. Our flexibility and dedication to our customers makes it so there are no excuses as to why...