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Image of boat on the water after repairsWhat’s the point of having a boat if it is in need of repairs and just sits in your garage or driveway, taking up space? Don’t you remember the excitement that you had when you took your boat out on the water for the first time? Well, you can experience those same emotions again. All you need to do is commit to repairing your boat. If you are in the Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN area, you are in luck, because a trusted, affordable and highly experienced boat repair shop is right around the corner. Our staff at Anchor Marine Repair has a passion for handling boat repairs of all kinds so that we can get you back out on the water in no time!


Aluminum Boat Accident Repair

Aluminum Boat RepairWhen you own an aluminum boat, you might think it’s impervious to damage. True, aluminum boats are strong – especially compared to other boating materials – but they’re by no means invincible. Even the strongest boats need maintenance, and even an aluminum boat can be damaged enough to need repairs. If you’re looking for a Minnesota aluminum boat repair company that will give your boat the care it needs and deserves, ensuring your investment is protected, Anchor Marine Repair is the place for you. Our Delano, MN boat repair shop is equipped to deal with even the worst boating accidents and storm damage, and we’ll make sure your boat is fixed up and on the water in no time. Read Full Post


Boat Collision Damage Repair Minnetonka MN

Summer is just around the corner and with the frigid cold temperatures we’ve had in Minnesota this winter, many boat owners will be itching to get their boats out as soon as possible. Because boating is one of the most preferred recreational sports here in Minnesota and in Wisconsin during the summer, boat collisions both on and off the water are quite common. But before you rush out to the closest lake or river when summer hits, remember how important boat repair is. If your boat has been damaged or previously damaged from collision, proper maintenance and boat repair is necessary to extend the life of your beloved craft. New improvements paired with modern technology including safer passenger cabins, sturdier boats seats, enhanced engines and better hull designs, have allowed water travel to be safer, cheaper and more comfortable. Although newer and sturdier products and materials have been added to boats to make them last, proper repair and maintenance is still important to increase its longevity. But just like your car, your boat needs annual maintenance, and it is imperative to repair any damages that occur to keep your boat in full function. Failing to repair any damage done to your boat could lead to thousands of dollars in repair in the future–or even put you in the market for a new boat. If damage has occurred to your boat, it is important to quickly get the damage repaired in order to keep moisture out and shield your boat from additional damage. For example, damage to the hull of the boat can cause significant flood damage or create stress...

Boat Repair Specialists Minnesota

The time has come for all of us boat lovers to get back out on the lakes of Minnesota! It has been a long time coming, but all signs point to warmer weather and longer days. Forget about those winter months and get your boat ready for lake season. Before you go out, have you gotten any repairs to your boat done? It is important to start the new season off with a fully functioning boat. If you are hesitant about taking your boat out because you fear that it needs repairs, you are probably right. Now is the time to partner with Anchor Marine Repair for all of your professional boat repair services. We can address your boat needs quickly so you can get out on that water soon!  Professional Boat Repair Services in Minnesota #1 in Service – Thanks to our teams dedication to service, we are the number one boat repair shop in Minneapolis. Experience – We are not new to the boat repair world. Our staff has 45 years of combined boat repair experience, and each one of our technicians has been on staff for at least 10 years. That is not seen very often this day in age. High Quality Products – Rest assured that the products we use to repair your boat are top of the line and well advanced. Pick Up and Delivery – One of our most unique features that we offer customers. If your boat is within 250 miles of the Minneapolis area, we will come pick up and will return your boat back to you once it is repaired....