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Have a boat in Blaine that needs Refurbishing? We can help

Transom RepairAs boating is many people’s passion in Minnesota, we understand the importance of boat repair and refurbishing. With over 45 years of combined experience, and boat lovers ourselves, we will keep your fiberglass, aluminum or metal flake boat looking good season after season!

Fiberglass, aluminum and metal flake boat refurbishing isn’t just a DIY project, or a skill that anyone can possess after a couple tries or reading an online forum. It is an art that requires many years of dedication, time and patience. Our consistent high quality work is performed by skilled composite craftsmen that absolutely love the work they do. Read Full Post


Boat Refinishing Maple Grove

Boat Refinishing Maple GroveWhen your boat is in need of refinishing, whether it be fiberglass repairs, wood refinishing, or a new boat paint job, Anchor Marine Repair is here to help you with all of your boat refinishing needs. As a trusted Minnesota boat refinishing company, we service boats from cities and towns all over Minnesota, anywhere within 250 miles of our Delano, MN boat repair shop. That means that your Maple Grove, MN boat refinishing needs are well within our service area. So if your boat is looking a little worse for wear after a year of hard use, spruce it up before winter comes by bringing it in for refinishing that will leave your boat looking good as new and ready for the next Minnesota boating season. Read Full Post


Twin Cities Boat Refinishing

Twin Cities Boat RefinishingFall and winter are on the way and that very likely means that you will soon have to pull your boat out of the water for the summer and store it until it warms up enough next year to get it back out.  There is no doubt that the end of the warm months in Minnesota is dreaded by boat owners. But, these cold, winter months can be used to repair or refinish your beloved boat and get your boat back in the best shape possible. Anchor Marine Repair can completely refinish or refurbish your boat while it is not in use so that, come spring, it is ready for the water! Read Full Post


MN Fiberglass, Aluminum & Metal Flake Boat Repair

Fiberglass, Aluminum & Metal Flake Boat Repair MN After one last hurrah on the water, it’s all coming to an end. Yes, another great boating season is winding down and taking your fun on the water with it. It’s time once again to haul your boat out of the water and get it winterized before putting it in storage for the long winter months ahead. Now it might not be the most glamorous part of boat ownership, but your boat is an important investment and its care over the winter months is vital. Minnesota DNR Urges Sharp Eye for Invasive Species During Fall “Cabin Close-up” With winter just around the corner many Minnesotans are pulling in their boats and closing up cabins for the season. It’s the time of year when the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) asks every cabin and lakeshore owner to watch for aquatic invasive species (AIS) when removing docks, boat lifts, swim rafts and other equipment from the water. Every year, the introduction of harmful, non-native species into the U.S. has been increasing. Collectively, these nuisance species make tremendous impacts to different things valued by many Americans. Ultimately, the cost of invasive species (terrestrial and aquatic) in the United States amounts to more than $100 billion each year. The end of the season offers an important opportunity to monitor for AIS.  The Minnesota DNR is reminding boaters and anglers to continue to take extra precautions when removing watercraft at the end of the boating season. There were numerous reports of boat engines overheating because cooling water inlets were clogged by zebra mussels. Zebra mussels also...

Minnesota Boat Repair & Restoration Minneapolis MN

Boat Repair and Boat Refinishing | #1 In Minneapolis Boat Repair Despite a winter that just didn’t seem to end, spring is finally here, and for thousands of boaters in Minnesota that means it’s time to take their boats out of winter storage and put them in the water. For boaters, annual preparation and cleaning projects are necessary rites of spring that help to ensure not only their protection and safety, but also to prevent problems that could keep them off the water once the season is underway. 2013 Minnesota Fishing Opener Reminder Don’t forget, the countdown to the Minnesota Fishing Opener has begun. It’s only a few days away.  Even in light of the weather conditions, rain or shine or even ice, the 2013 Fishing Opener will go on as scheduled. Make sure your boat is ready! Some of the following thoughts may seem a bit silly, but these things happen a LOT. So here is his checklist: * Buy a Minnesota fishing license and discover what more than a million licensed anglers already know — fishing is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. Angling licenses are valid from March 1 through February 28 of the following year. Because of the world class fishing Minnesota enjoys, Minnesota is the envy of most states. In fact, Minnesota is one of the nation’s top five angling destinations. So, get your boats, tackle, and fishing rods & reels ready! * Know the rules. A copy of the 2013 Fishing Regulations is probably at your favorite bait shop. * Check your boat. Where is the plug?  Have the bearings been packed lately? ...