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Boat Repair Pepin WI

Are you a WI boat owner looking for hassle free, quality boat repairs? If so, Anchor Marine Repair is just the shop for you. We have a combined 45 years of professional boat repair services, providing exceptional, quality work that we can brag about. In fact, because we are the most trusted boat repair shop by our customers, we have been rated #1 in Minneapolis boat repair. Anchor Marine Repair: Your One-Stop-Shop For All Of Your Boating Repairs & Needs We offer the following boat services: Boat Pick-Up Service You don’t have to drive all the way to Minneapolis or even across the boarder to Minnesota at all to get your boat worked on by us. We have the ability to pick up and deliver from your home or dock or any other location within a 250 mile radius of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Boat Repair Services We have the right solution for any of your boat repair and refurbishing needs including: Structural boat damage, Wood floor refinishing, Transom replacement, Top replacement, New upholstery, Leaking rivet repair, Boat trailer repair and much more. From a little dock scrap up to major impact, our boat repair services are unmatched. Boat Collision Repair We know collisions can happen anywhere. That’s why we are here to help with any of your boat collision repair needs including: Boat Repair, Boat Renovations, Fiberglass Boat Repairs, Aluminum Boat Repairs, Pontoon Repair, Yacht Repair, Transom Replacement, Cosmetic or Structural Boat Damage, Boat Trailer Repair and more. Boat Windshield Repair and Replacement The Windshield on your boat is extremely important to fix and repair before damage gets...

Affordable Boat Collision Repair St Paul MN

Affordable Boat Collision Repair St Paul MNThis boat season in St Paul, MN has been one for the ages! The weather has been wonderful and the lakes around this area have been the perfect spot to rest, relax and get away from the stressors of everyday life. That is, if your boat is properly functioning. If your boat has recently gotten damaged due to a collision with a boat, dock, or debris, you may not be feeling quite as optimistic about this year’s boating season. At Anchor Marine Repair, we know the feeling that you are going through. Rather than sulking and wasting what is left of this year’s boating season, let our expert boat collision repair staff fix your boat affordably, so that you can get back out on the water in no time. Read Full Post


Transom Boat Repair MN

Transom RepairHas anyone ever heard of a load bearing wall? If you’ve done any sort of housing construction or been a part of a “reno-gone-wrong” then a load bearing wall may sound familiar to you. Basically, if you remove this particular wall within a home, the entire home has the potential to come crumbling down. Did you know that most boats have something similar to this? In the boating world, we call this piece the transom. The transom is the flat surface forming the stem of the vessel. It reinforces the stem and ultimately, keeps the boat held together. So the last thing you’d want is that good ole transom to rot, or break. If you live in Minnesota and you’re looking for transom repair & replacement, look no further than Anchor Marine Repair. Read Full Post


Boat Repair Service Minnetonka MN

If you own a boat and are in the Minnetonka area – Anchor Marine is your superior boat repair, restoration, winterization and storage facility. We offer Minnesota full-service marine work! The winter months are pretty dull for your boat, she doesn’t see any action and quite possibly spends her time out in the cold with little protection, other than shrink-wrap. Anchor Marine can change the course of your boat’s winter. Take this time to get repairs done, a new coat of paint, new upholstery or just give her a warmer safer spot to hibernate, in our indoor storage facility – It’s not too late in the off-season. Off-Season Boat Repairs While you’re fishing out of an ice house, keeping your hands warm with a mini heater, we could be restoring your pride and joy to her prime. Get ahead of the spring rush and contact us shortly to be sure that when that perfect, sunny day finally appears – you’ll be ready for it! Our boat repair technicians have what it takes to ensure a smooth ride and striking appearance. Services We Can Provide: Customize – Give her a name, custom paint job or just refresh the paint condition. Windshield Repairs and Replacement – A small chip can grow fast and a large crack can lead to more damages, as well as a possibly painful experience. Transom – This reinforcing beam is critical to the boat’s structure, which is why it is so very important that it be repaired or replaced properly. Propeller Repairs – A boats propeller directly affects performance, control and the efficiency of your boat and...