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Pontoon Repairs Near Minnetonka, MN

Image of Repaired PontoonOne of the most relaxing ways to travel around on the lakes of Minnetonka, MN is on a pontoon boat. Hopping on a pontoon boat after a long day at work will surely provide some mental relief. If you are hosting friends or family for the weekend at a lake around Minnetonka, MN, a pontoon boat allows you to take a large group of people on a joy ride. This is all true, assuming that your pontoon boat is in good shape. What if your pontoon boat isn’t in the best of shape and needs repairs? Well, the good news is that you have a reputable pontoon repair team at Anchor Marine Repair right around the corner that you can access whenever repairs are needed.


Minnetonka Boat Painting

Minnetonka Boat PaintingDo you remember that time you saw an amazingly beautiful girl with the most perfect face. Women were jealous of her flawless features, and men were gawking over her…She was perfect…Until she took her makeup off! Let us be the first to say, there is no shame in her game! If putting makeup on is the first step to making yourself look and feel better, do it! Likewise, maybe your boat is running just fine but needs some added curb appeal. At Anchor Marine Repair, we specialize in providing boat painting services in Minnetonka, MN. If you are ready to get your boat dolled up, we are your boat’s best makeup artist. Read Full Post


Larson Boat Repair Shop Minnetonka

Larson Boat RepairThere is just nothing like the look and feel of a Larson boat out on the water in Minnetonka. Not only are the views in this area beautiful, but the Larson boat makes boat lovers jaws drop when it smoothly glides across the water. Larson boats have been around for over 100 years, so they must be doing something right when it comes to crafting boats. One thing has been consistent with Larson boats dating all the way back to the first boat that founder, Paul Larson, built in 1913, and that is always being ahead of the times. Through innovation and forward thinking, Larson boats are here to stay! If you are a current Larson boat owner, do you have a plan if your precious boat gets damaged? Living in Minnetonka, you are in luck because at Anchor Marine Repair, we have Larson boat repair specialists that are eager to help get you and your Larson boat back out on the water in no time! Read Full Post


Sea Ray Boat Repair Minnetonka

Sea Ray Boat RepairWhen it comes to luxury out on the water, you can’t beat a Sea Ray boat. These flashy, smooth and reliable boats have been around since 1959, and these boats continue to add innovation and more style year after year. Even though a Sea Ray boat has some of the greatest craftsmanship on the water, it is not immune to getting damaged. For Sea Ray owners, it’s not just a boat you are investing in, it’s a way of life! If you are fortunate enough to own a Sea Ray boat in the Minnetonka, MN area, it is important for you to have a plan of action should your boat get damaged or need repairs. Consider a partnership with our Sea Ray boat repair experts at Anchor Marine Repair. Read Full Post


Boat Painting Services Minnetonka MN

Minnesota has harsh weather conditions that wreak havoc on boats. The urge to take your boat out on a beautiful day could be dampened when you realize that the paint is no longer looking sleek and shiny. You can easily bring it back to life by having Professional Boat Painting services at Anchor Marine Repair. We have state-of-the-art technology and 45 years of combined experience in bringing Minnetonka, MN boats back to glory. Our boat repair technicians take the time to perfect every detail and never overlook proper preparation. Preparation Takes Skill And Experience A top quality paint job is only as good as the preparation work that goes into it. Prepping a boat for painting requires skill and experience. We will thoroughly sand and dewax the surface to make sure all flaws and contaminates are removed prior to priming. During this process our skilled technician will repair and damage including scratches and holes. The gloss coat will magnify any defects that have not been properly repaired. Spray Booths Accommodate Large Boats Anchor Marine Repair has a two spray booths that utilize the latest technology. We can accommodate boats up to 38 feet long. Our boat paint technicians use the best techniques and tools to ensure a professional job every time. A Boat Looks Better Than New Our team is highly experienced and skilled in Boat Painting Services, Metal Flake and Gelcoat Repair. While at our facility your prized boat can be fully restored to its former glory or you may choose to transform it into a totally new look. We can match original factory paint finishes or can...