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Fast Boat Windshield Replacement

Fast Boat Windshield ReplacementWhile you very well may own a large boat and sometimes you even try to reenact that scene from the movie, Titanic, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a properly functioning windshield. Windshields are your greatest line of safety and protection from the elements. Think about it, would you drive your car without your windshield? Imagine all of those bugs smacking into your face or making a beeline to your mouth! Our point is that you need a good boat windshield. At Anchor Marine Repair, we have all the right experience and equipment to install your windshield and get your boat back on the water in no time. Read Full Post


One Stop Boat Repair Shop Minnesota

One Stop Boat Repair Shop MinnesotaIf you are a boat owner, there is no question of how important your investment and your time in the water is to your life. When something unfortunate happens and your boat needs service, you want to be able to get it fixed quickly and by a business that never compromises quality or service. Anchor Marine Repair is a one stop boat repair company located in Denalo, MN. Read Full Post


Boat Repair Shop Insurance

Boat Insurance Repair Shop

Transom RepairYou know that thing that you keep in your glove box but rarely look at? Yep, it’s your insurance card and all you have to do is find those magic numbers and we are in business! We are an insurance approved boat repair shop that your insurance company will trust to fix your boat and get you back on the water in no time at all. As a boat insurance repair shop, we only offer quality repairs for your beloved boat. We understand that your boat was a large investment and we want to make sure it keeps that value! We are the number one storm and collision damage boat repair and restoration shop around, which is why we will work with just about every insurance company out there. Although we are considered a boat insurance repair shop, we understand that you are, most importantly, our customer. Read Full Post


Boat Repair Specialists Twin Cities

Jetskie Repair ShopNow that old man winter is surely behind us, we are all ready to get back out on the water again. There’s nothing quite like the enjoyment you can get from spending the day fishing or a few peaceful hours of enjoying the lake with friends and family. If your boating dreams are delayed this spring because your beloved vessel has sustained some damage, we understand that you won’t trust even minor boat repair work to just anyone. At Anchor Marine Repair, with a team of long-term, experienced employees with a combined 45 years experience of boat repair in Twin Cities & Minneapolis/St Paul, we’ve got you covered. Read Full Post


Boat Insurance Repairs Minnesota

Aluminum Boat DamageJust like with your car, trying to avoid any damage to your boat is a top priority for boat owners. You don’t want to have to run a repair claim through your insurance, however at times that may be your best option. After all, that is what boat insurance is for. If you are in need of boat repairs but do not know of a boat repair shop in Minnesota that works directly with insurance companies, Anchor Marine Repair is your answer. Specializing in insurance covered boat repairs, our experienced staff is happy to work with nearly any boat insurance company on the market.

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