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Ranger Fiberglass CollisionEach type of boat – and every brand of boat – has its own unique characteristics. That means the methods used to repair each type of boat should be tailored to the boat’s needs. Fiberglass boats are very common these days, as many boaters enjoy the sleek look of a fiberglass boat. But what happens when your beautiful boat gets caught in a storm or is involved in a collision? That once beautiful boat becomes something of a wreck. At Anchor Marine Repair, we understand how valuable boats are – to their owners and in the market. That’s why we provide only the highest quality boat repairs and restorations, ensuring boaters maintain the value of their boat in their own eyes and in the eyes of anyone who might be buying their boat in the future. If you’re looking for a fiberglass boat repair shop located in Minnesota, give us a call today to see if we can help get your boat looking good as new. Read Full Post


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Boat Repairs MNWhen you buy a boat, it becomes part of the family. For many, there’s no place they would rather be than strolling in their family boat on a lake in Minnesota. Unfortunately, over time boats age and require upkeep. If you have a family boat that is sentimental and you can’t part ways with it, consider investing in boat renovation services from our highly experienced staff at Anchor Marine Repair. Specializing in boat repair and boat restoration, we can bring that classic look back in no time! Read Full Post


Storm Damage Boat Repair

Boat Repair Specialists in Minnetonka MN Storms, hurricanes, severe weather and more: the bane of your boat’s existence. It is crucial for every boat owner to have a plan of action. The key to protecting your boat from  storms, hurricanes or any severe threatening weather is developing a plan, preparing,  and acting in a timely matter. Below are 5 guidelines to follow to help keep your boat storm-damage free. 1. Develop a plan of action Prior to the storm season, create a  plan of action to safely move your boat from the storm area to a safer spot. Find out what equipment and tools you will need to move your boat. Make sure to operate a “test-run” of your plan prior to storm season or winter. 2. Double Check your Agreements If you have a lease or storage rental agreement, check with the marina or storage area to make sure everything is correct. Know your responsibilities and liabilities as well as those of the marina. 3.  Combine all Records Combine all records which may include any insurance policies, vessel registration, equipment inventory,  and lease agreements and store them in a folder. These might be required when you return to check on your boat. 4. Inventory Checklist Create and keep an inventory list of belongings that were removed or left on your boat 5. Close and Seal Close and seal openings and tape any windows that may break from wind force or from the chilling winter freeze. Unfortunately, no matter how much we try to keep out boats free from damage, mother nature can have other plans.  At Anchor Marine...

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Boat Repair and Restoration MN Summer is the season so many of us look forward to after the long winters we have in Minnesota. And when the weather warms up, our lakes are packed with boaters eager to have some fun. In fact, Minnesota is home to some of the most passionate boaters in the country. Ask anyone about their favorite lake or stream and you’ll likely trigger a wave of nostalgia reflecting clear, cool waters, heavily wooded shorelines, abundant wildlife and the peace that only comes from a quiet moment on that beloved lake or stream. Do we love our lakes?  You betcha! Fun is on everyone’s minds while boating. However, before all the fun and games begin, we need to focus on safety from the moment we hop onto our vessels. A day on the water may be one of the best ways to escape the summer heat, but all fun and play can make for a dangerous day on the water if you don’t keep safety in mind. Safe boating requires good vision, good coordination and the ability to react swiftly. Boating traffic comes from all directions, and floating obstacles can suddenly appear without warning. Driving a boat requires the full attention of the operator, as there can be numerous distractions. A lot of things on the water compete for one’s attention. But don’t let the dream of landing that next big large mouth bass or the possibility of making friends with the boat full of beautiful ladies next to you become a distraction — pay attention to what matters. Remember, boats do not have brakes....

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Boat Repair MN | Fiberglass Boat Repair The first day of summer, June 21, is still weeks away. But, for the nation’s 80 million recreational boaters, the upcoming Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer boating season. Boaters are working to a frenzy to get their boats in the water for the weekend. And who can blame them. It’s been one heck of a long winter. Memorial Day Weekend Could Mean Trouble For Boaters Memorial Day is also traditionally the second-busiest day of the year for boaters, after July 4th. One of the preferred holiday activities in Minnesota is boating. Local waterways will likely be crowded, as people take advantage of three days off and what looks like good weather ahead. National Safe Boating Week 2013 It just so happens that National Safe Boating Week 2013 is May 18-25, and the U.S. Coast Guard wants to make sure everyone remembers safety rules. Both the Holiday and National Safe Boating Week (May 18-24) present an opportunity to emphasize the importance of remaining safe while boating. The Coast Guard is promoting National Boating Safety Week’s 2013 campaign slogan – Wear It! The promotion focuses on the availability of comfortable and lightweight life jackets, as well as the safety aspects of wearing a life jacket at ALL times! Safety first with passengers is the responsibility of every boat captain to ensure a happy day afloat. The Coast Guard frowns on bow riding, which officials describe as an “unsafe practice of remaining on the bow of a vessel while it is underway.” Boat inspections are on the official safety list, especially...