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MN Boat Repair & Restoration

MN Boat Repair & RestorationMore and more people are joining the ranks of boat owners who find enjoyment in the leisure activity of boating and fishing. Proper maintenance and repair are critical to your continued enjoyment and the safe use of your boat. For your own safety and the safety of others, it is important to ensure the boat’s continued safe operation through proper maintenance and repair. If your boat has been in a collision, showing wear from years of trailering, rocks, and docks, have it repaired by a reputable Minnesota boat repair company that has experience in collision, structural, and storm damaged boats to ensure it remains in first-rate condition and continue to… Read Full Post


Aluminum Boat Accident Repair

Aluminum Boat RepairWhen you own an aluminum boat, you might think it’s impervious to damage. True, aluminum boats are strong – especially compared to other boating materials – but they’re by no means invincible. Even the strongest boats need maintenance, and even an aluminum boat can be damaged enough to need repairs. If you’re looking for a Minnesota aluminum boat repair company that will give your boat the care it needs and deserves, ensuring your investment is protected, Anchor Marine Repair is the place for you. Our Delano, MN boat repair shop is equipped to deal with even the worst boating accidents and storm damage, and we’ll make sure your boat is fixed up and on the water in no time. Read Full Post


Boat Transom Repair

Minnesota Boat Repair ShopBoat maintenance and repairs are essential to owning and operating a boat. Not only are there cosmetic repairs and maintenance to be done, there are issues that can compromise the functionality and usability of your boat that must be addressed sooner than later. Transom repairs are just such an issue. When there’s a problem with the transom of your boat, it’s not something that can be ignored for several reasons, not the least of which is that the transom is an integral part of your boat’s design. Between its necessity in helping your boat run and making sure your boat looks as good as possible, the transom should be repaired – and repaired well – whenever there’s an issue. At Anchor Marine Repair, we understand the value of each element of a boat, and we take the utmost care when repairing each piece, including the transom. If you’re looking for a transom repair shop in the U.S., our Minnesota shop will make sure your boat gets the attention it needs. Read Full Post


MN Boat Repair | Labor Day Boat Safety

Boat Repair MN | Boating Safety If you love the thrill of boating, fishing, swimming, sailing, and simply relaxing on the water, you can’t ask for a better place to be than Minnesota! What the area loses to a short summer, it more than makes up for with some of the most passionate anglers and boaters in the country. You’d be hard-pressed to find a single person in the county who hasn’t enjoyed Minnesota’s sky blue waters. With such an abundance of water and shoreline, don’t cha know Minnesota is destination playground for boaters around the country. Minnesota Waters Minnesota’s lakes and rivers are part of what this state is all about. One of Minnesota’s nicknames is “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” but it really has lots more. It’s on the shore of the biggest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior. And, it’s where the world’s third largest river, the Mississippi, begins. Boating is one of the primary reasons people love Minnesota.  It ranks among the top stress-relieving activities around. Here are some facts about Minnesota’s waters. Number of lakes: 11,842 (over 10 acres) Rivers and streams add up to 69, 2000 miles Mississippi River: 680 miles of its 2,552 total miles flow through Minnesota. Lake Superior is the world’s largest freshwater lake. It’s at the end of the St. Lawrence Seaway, which brings boats from around the world to the port of Duluth, Minnesota. Skipping over state and country borders, Lake Superior, the largest, deepest, coldest, cleanest, least developed, and most pristine of the Great Lakes, reigns as the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. By volume,...

Boat Repair MN | Storm and Collision Damage Boat Repair Part 3

Minnesota Boat Repair | Collision Boat Repair Clean, Drain and Dry Your Boat Continued from Part 2 One Last Reminder – Is the Drain Plug In? Invasive species regulations are now in effect in many states and many of them (including Minnesota), now require boaters to remove the plug and drain the bilge and live well before transporting a watercraft. In this Basic Boating Safety Course there is an extensive section on trailering and one of the things that is emphasized is to make sure the drain plug is in before launching your boat. The majority of recreational boats in the United States are trailered to and from the water. Your boat trailer is only one part of the entire boating package, which includes the boat, trailer, hitch and towing vehicle. Neglecting the trailer’s maintenance can result in damage to your boat, your towing vehicle or both. Ranger discovered very early that most boats spend more time on their trailers than in the water. Experience also proved that ill-fitting boat trailers actually damage a boat’s hull and running surfaces over time.  Below is our check-list for launching. Launching Do initial launch preparations away from the ramp so as not to impede launching for others. Raise the outdrive or motor, remove the support bracket and install the drain plug. Disconnect the trailer wiring. Remove tie down straps and again check the drain plug. Make any equipment adjustments necessary and check the drain plug. Connect the fuel tank, check fluid levels and check the drain plug. Drive to the ramp and back the boat and trailer down the ramp, keeping the tow vehicle’s...