MN Collision Boat Repair

It’s a nice day and everyone is having a great time. Maybe you’re running your boat through and inlet or skimming across the bay or big lake, when suddenly out of nowhere – thunk! – A distracted angler bangs his bass boat into yours. Or – crunch! – your cabin cruiser comes hard aground on a submerged rock. Or – ptui! – A corroded thru-hull fitting pops out. Suddenly more water than you ever thought possible is pouring through a hole in your boat’s hull. What to do?

If you’ve thought about flooding when putting together your on-board emergency kit, and if you’ve trained yourself to handle this kind of crisis, then you have a good chance to make it back into port. If not, then it’s an especially good thing you and your passengers chose to wear those life jackets.

The amount of time a boat operator has to respond to sudden, uncontrolled flooding depends strongly on the size of the hole and its location below the water line – the lower the hole, the greater the incoming pressure. A one-inch hole in the hull just one foot below the surface floods at a rate of about 20 gallons a minute.  That same small hole six feet below the surface floods a nearly two and a half times that rate. And larger holes?  Well… let’s just say you need to act very fast.

Collision Boat Repair

There are many waterways in the Twin Cities area and boats routinely come in contact with things that cause damage, including trailers, other watercraft, seawalls, locks, docks and rocks.

Collisions — Boating collisions usually involve two boats, or a boat and a fixed or floating object. Collisions between boats often occur when the operator of one or both boats is not paying attention to where they are going, or if the Rules of the Road”  are not being followed. Boat operators need to be aware that traffic can exist on the water from all directions.

Collisions with fixed objects, such as sand bars, rocks or other hazards to navigation often result because the operator is unfamiliar with the area, or ignores navigation markers.

Striking a floating object in the water, such as a log or snag, is usually the consequences of not keeping a good forward lookout at all times

A reputable Minnesota boat repair company  is critical to getting the owner’s watercraft back in running condition.  The inexperienced amateur should get some well-founded professional advice before embarking on a large-scale project.

No Mechanical Repairs

We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

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