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Boating is a favorite sport for many Minnesotans, but like every other luxury, this also brings some hazards with it. There are more than 5000 boat accidents happen every year across the year. Whether it’s a canoe, small powerboat such as a ski boat, fishing boat, racing boat or any other small watercraft, it is important for everyone who is associated with boating to pay attention and to follow basic boat safety rules.

Collision, Structural, and Storm Damaged Boat Repair MN

Boat Collisions — Boating collisions usually involve two boats, or a boat and a fixed or floating object. Collisions between boats often occur when the operator of one or both boats is not paying attention to where they are going, or if the Rules of the Roadare not being followed. Boat operators need to be aware that traffic can exist on the water from all directions.

Keeping a watchful eye can help you to avoid collisions with other skiers, swimmers, boats, watercraft and with foreign objects. Collisions with fixed objects, such as sand bars, rocks or other hazards to navigation often result because the operator is unfamiliar with the area, or ignores navigation markers.

Striking a floating object in the water, such as a log or snag, is usually the consequences of not keeping a good forward lookout at all times.

Another thing your boat comes in contact with every time you use it (other than water) is the dock. Docking can be a boat’s worst nemesis. Chips, dock rash, and other damage can occur during the docking process.

In spite of your best efforts, accidents do happen and when they do, you want the assurance that your boat will be restored to its original beauty.  Repairs should be done by a professional Minnesota collision center to ensure the boat is a seaworthy vessel.  Contact a reputable Minnesota boat repair company that has experience in boat trailer repair, collision, structural, and storm damaged boats.

Whether caused by a storm, collision, or just normal wear and tear, once damage has occurred, it is imperative to quickly get the damage repaired to seal out moisture and protect your boat or watercraft from further damage.


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