Boat Trailer Repair Services MNHaving a broken boat trailer is a lot like having a back problem. You rely on your back for everything and you take it for granted until that moment when the pain strikes and your back goes out. You can’t walk, much less breathe, without wishing that your back was back to full strength. Similarly, your boat trailer is just as important. It is arguably the most important piece of boating equipment for your boat! Without a properly functioning trailer, you couldn’t make it to the water, you couldn’t tow your boat anywhere, and you could potentially damage your boat during transportation. So when your back goes out, what do you do? Hopefully you call up the doctor and work on getting your body back to good health. Likewise, when your boat trailer isn’t functioning like it should, your first call should be to Anchor Marine Repair in Minnesota.

Boat Trailer Importance

If you haven’t gotten the proper maintenance and repairs that your boat trailer needs, it may be time to bring it in for a check up. If a trailer malfunctions, not only could it damage your boat, it can also cause an accident on the road! We overlook the maintenance of the trailer because we focus on the repair of the boat so much but it really does see a lot of wear and tear! Your trailer is constantly being submerged in and out of water and prone to premature rust and corrosion, especially if you are in salt water. The springs, bolts and undercarriage are common places of rust. Additionally, the tires can be more prone to dry rot as well. Every trailer is a key component to boat ownership so it is extremely important that it works correctly!

Anchor Marine Can Help

Our team of experts at Anchor Marine Repair can handle all types of trailers for almost any boat. We will take care of your tire mounting and balancing, perform service repair on any parts needed, and we can also inspect and perform routine axle maintenance. Our team can also perform accident repair, amaze you with restorations, and redo lighting and wiring. Whether you want to bring your trailer in for maintenance or build a bigger and better trailer of your dreams, Anchor Marine Repair has got you covered. Our estimates and consultation are always free.

Boat Trailer Repair Experts Minnesota

So go ahead and let us fix your boat trailer and have it ready in time for you to enjoy all of the lakes, rivers, and streams that Minnesota is famous for! Let Anchor Marine Repair fix and restore your boat trailer today. For more information, call us at 763-972-3540.

No Mechanical Repairs

We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

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