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Minnesota Boat and Trailer Repair Minnesota is made for boating! Fishing boats, sail boats, pontoon boats, kayaks, canoes, personal watercraft, and yachts… there’s a boat for everyone and every purpose, and nowhere in the United States will you find more boats per capita than in Minnesota. Did you know the land of 10,000 lakes has more miles of coastline than California, Hawaii and Florida combined?  That is why thousands of boaters take advantage of our state’s most famous feature… its lakes!  That including rivers and streams (we’ve got nearly 70,000 miles of them) that are all just waiting to be enjoyed! When summer comes, there’s no time to waste. Think about it: Every state has its “thing.” Georgia has its three p’s—peaches, peanuts, and pecans. Wisconsin has its cows, and ergo its cheese. Washington has its apples, and Florida has its sunshine. And Minnesota? Well, we’ve got our lakes. All 10,000 of them! You can’t ask for a better state if you love boating!  And you can’t ask for a better state if you love to fish! (you can’t ask for a worse state if you are the fish!) We may get a good deal of press for our sub-zero temperatures and our 10-month winters, but we’re best known for our lakes—ahhhhhh, what a great thing to be known for! Remember To Inspect Your Boat Trailer When the weather starts warming up and lakes are thawing, you may want to get your boat and trailer seaworthy before your first trip. So here are some times you might want to consider before you head out to a lake or river...

Boat Repair Pepin WI

Are you a WI boat owner looking for hassle free, quality boat repairs? If so, Anchor Marine Repair is just the shop for you. We have a combined 45 years of professional boat repair services, providing exceptional, quality work that we can brag about. In fact, because we are the most trusted boat repair shop by our customers, we have been rated #1 in Minneapolis boat repair. Anchor Marine Repair: Your One-Stop-Shop For All Of Your Boating Repairs & Needs We offer the following boat services: Boat Pick-Up Service You don’t have to drive all the way to Minneapolis or even across the boarder to Minnesota at all to get your boat worked on by us. We have the ability to pick up and deliver from your home or dock or any other location within a 250 mile radius of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Boat Repair Services We have the right solution for any of your boat repair and refurbishing needs including: Structural boat damage, Wood floor refinishing, Transom replacement, Top replacement, New upholstery, Leaking rivet repair, Boat trailer repair and much more. From a little dock scrap up to major impact, our boat repair services are unmatched. Boat Collision Repair We know collisions can happen anywhere. That’s why we are here to help with any of your boat collision repair needs including: Boat Repair, Boat Renovations, Fiberglass Boat Repairs, Aluminum Boat Repairs, Pontoon Repair, Yacht Repair, Transom Replacement, Cosmetic or Structural Boat Damage, Boat Trailer Repair and more. Boat Windshield Repair and Replacement The Windshield on your boat is extremely important to fix and repair before damage gets...

Ranger Boat Insurance Repair Company

Insurance Approved Ranger Boat Repair ShopRanger boats have been around for a long while. There are almost three dozen models and over nine different series of boats. These boats are known for being leaders in the boating community. So when a Ranger boat comes into our repair shop, we want to do our best to get your legend back out on the water. At Anchor Marine Repair, when you need your ranger boat repaired, we are your go to shop. We will walk you through all of your repair concerns and we are more than happy to create a plan that fits your needs. Read Full Post


Boat Trailer Repair Shop MN

Boat Trailer Repair Shop MNWhen most people think of boat repair, they often overlook one of the most important aspects of the boat — the trailer. Your boat trailer makes it possible to get your boat to and from the water to your home or storage unit. It is arguably one of the most important pieces of the boat, as it provides transportation and protection on land. Without it, your boat will not make it into the water. So if your boat trailer is damaged and in need of repair, Anchor Marine Repair should be the first and only repair shop you call in Minnesota. Read Full Post