Boat Upholstery Repair in MNIt’s no secret that boats require maintenance. If you’ve owned a boat longer than one season, then you know that it takes a fair amount of work to keep it looking and feeling brand new. At Anchor Marine Repair, we want you to make the most out of your boat! There is truly nothing better than being out on the water and comfortable on the boat you are on. A lot of that comfort can depend solely on the aesthetics of your boat. Rips, tears and mildew all over the boat can be a let down. If this happens to be you, don’t let it bother you anymore! Let Anchor Marine Repair take care of all of your boat upholstery repair and replacement needs.

Marine Seating Repairs And Replacement

Whether you take your boat out on the water every weekend or store it in your driveway at home, exposure to the sun, wind and rain will cause damage to the marine seating. Little nicks can quickly turn into full on cosmetic repairs and if it still goes unnoticed, you could even need it replaced. Using replacement as our last option, Anchor Marine Repair is here to help restore your boat to better than pre-weather-beaten conditions. We do our best to save you time, money and the hassle of completing the work yourself. There are certain things we frequently see. The most common issue we have when it comes to upholstery would be the marine seat seams coming off. While the vinyl or even leather may still be in excellent shape, the thread has somehow managed to break. We can quickly repair this, saving you both time and money! The same can be said for your cushions. Should you have a larger split that needs closing, we have got you covered! The trick to this is catching the issue before it becomes a much larger one. Other minor marine seating repairs include boat seat mildew and damaged boat seats. If it’s small enough, we are able to fully repair it, making it look brand new!

Bimini Repairs And Replacement

One of the best features on many boats is the ability to provide shade for your passengers with the Bimini top. If this item is compromised, it’s imperative that it be patched and sealed quickly! At Anchor Marine Repair, we will work to repair the damage and breathe life into it once again.

Should repairs not be an option for your upholstery issues, our team at Anchor Marine Repair will do our best to get you the best price on replacements for your vessel. For more information about our boat upholstery repair services, give us a call today. Call Anchor Marine Repair today at (763) 972-3540 or send us an email at

No Mechanical Repairs

We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

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