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Ranger Windshield Repair

Insurance Approved Ranger Boat ShopIt has happened to us all. As we are driving our car or our boat, a rock or other piece of debris pops up and hits the windshield. A broken windshield must be fixed quickly in order for you to drive your vehicle – whether it is a car, truck or boat. If you happen to need your boat windshield repaired (or replaced) look no further than Anchor Marine Repair to get the job done right. At best, ignoring a busted windshield can be dangerous and can impede your ability to see while driving and, at worst, pieces of the windshield can break off and hurt someone. Our team has been completing all types of boat repairs for more than 30 years and brings knowledge, experience and professionalism to each and every boat repair job. Read Full Post


MN Boat Windshield Repair

MN Boat Windshield RepairThere are highs and lows when it comes to being a boat owner. Anytime that your boat gets damaged would be considered a low. Here at Anchor Marine Repair, we aim to help boat owners through the low times so that they can get back to enjoying the highs! If your boat windshield got damaged on the way to the lake by flying debris on a road in MN, our team can help in an instant. Read Full Post


Boat Windshield Repair

Jet Ski Repair Shop MinnetonkaIf you own a motor boat, you know the joys of being on the lake, feeling the wind and the spray of the water.  And if you own a boat, you also know that it requires a healthy measure of up-keep, maintenance, attention, and care.  To sustain your enjoyment, you must put the time and effort into keeping it clean and in good repair.  And if you live in or near the Minneapolis/St Paul area, Anchor Marine Repair should be your choice for help with the repairs and upgrades you want for your boat. Read Full Post


Boat Windshield Repair and Replacement

Insurance Boat Repair Company MNEvery boat owner knows the risks of letting windshield cracks or chips go unrepaired, and if your boat’s windshield is suffering from more serious breakage, it might be time for a windshield replacement. At Anchor Marine Repair, we know the importance of making sure your windshield is always in good shape, and we want to help you keep your boat running smoothly on the water with our windshield repair and replacement services. We’re committed to making your windshield repairs as easy for our customers as possible, so we pick up and deliver boats anywhere within 250 miles of our facility in Delano, Minnesota. Read Full Post


Boat Windshield Repair Minneapolis MN

If you look out the window of your Minneapolis, MN home, the wintery weather will immediately remind you that getting out on the lake with your boat is not going to happen anytime soon. Let’s face it, the winter months in Minnesota make it hard for boat lovers to enjoy the lake life. The only good thing about the winter time is that it is the perfect time to repair the windshield on your boat. If your boat windshield broke or cracked this past summer, it is important that you get it fixed as soon as possible. Count on the experienced boat repair professionals at Anchor Marine Repair to fix the windshield on your boat during the winter months. No job is too big or small for our staff as we can fix any tiny chips or cracks as well as provide a full windshield replacement. About Anchor Marine Repair Experience is the number one requirement when we add on new staff. Every technician on staff has been with us for at least 10 years, bringing a combined boat repair experience of over forty five years. We are happy to work with insurance companies to keep more money in your pocket. With a 10,000 square foot facility, we are able to work on your boat windshield any time of the year. Boat Pick up and Delivery Service Another high priority for our staff is customer service. We take such pride in serving our customers that we offer a pickup and delivery service from your home or dock within a 250 mile radius of Minneapolis, MN. This is unheard of...