Marine Collision RepairFor many people, buying a boat is a dream. It can be a sign of success or a way of dealing with the stress that life throws at us. Whatever your reason was for purchasing your boat, you likely also consider it an investment. It may be a financial investment or an investment in mental and physical wellness. However you think of your investment, you will likely want to protect it. If your boat suffers damage from a collision with another boat, a dock or a large rock, the team at Anchor Marine Repair can repair your boat quickly and reliably so that your investment is protected.

Repairing Cosmetic And Structural Damage to Your Boat

We provide repairs to virtually all boat types. If the damage to your boat is cosmetic, we have the experience and light touch to restore the beauty the boat had on the day you bought it. If the damage to your boat is structural, we have the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure that the inner structure regains its integrity and allows you to get back out on the water safely.

It is not uncommon for boat owners to strike an unseen object in the water. It is also not uncommon for boat owners to strike visible objects in the water. Some boat owners feel like their boats are magnets for floating debris. If your boat has sustained damage by striking something in the water, it should be checked and repaired by a trusted service team quickly so that the damage does not get worse. Anchor Marine Repair is the most trusted boat repair service in the state of Minnesota. Even if it looks like the damage is minor, it is always wise to get it checked out in case there is damage underneath the boat where you cannot see it. It can be difficult (if not impossible) to assess structural damage yourself. That is what our team is here for. We know how to accurately assess damage from impact, and we have earned a reputation for honesty and integrity by providing accurate assessments.

#1 Boat Repair Company in Minnesota

Even a minor collision can cause the kind of damage that compromises your boat’s structural integrity. Our staff is trained to recognize all potential signs of damage. Once identified, the damage will be repaired with expert precision which will restore your confidence about getting your boat back out on the water. If your boat has been in a collision, call Anchor Marine Repair at 763-972-3540.

No Mechanical Repairs

We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

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