Structural Repair For Your Fiberglass BoatFiberglass is a versatile, strong, and light material that is ideal for boat construction. It holds up against everything from prolonged exposure to the elements to sudden, hard impact. It is also a time-tested material, so boat buyers can make their purchases with confidence knowing that the fiberglass boat they have invested in will last for many years. However, just like anything, even fiberglass is not indestructible. If your boat has started to show signs of aging or wear and tear from being exposed to harsh weather conditions, or if it has been damaged by an unexpected collision with another boat or underwater object, Anchor Marine Repair can restore it to its pre-accident state of utility, beauty and function.

Protect Your Boat From Water Damage

Structural Repair For Your Fiberglass Boat AfterBoats are designed to be outside and in the water. That is their primary function. Water is known as “the universal solvent” because, if given enough time, it will work to dissolve most solid objects. Boats are sealed and finished with materials that are designed to slow down this process, but eventually water will have its way. Your boat is therefore under constant, if subtle, attack from the very water it was designed to float and move around in. There is arguably no material better suited to withstand the slow ravages of water than fiberglass, but even fiberglass will eventually relent to the forces of water.

Anchor Marine Repair recommends getting your boat serviced long before water wears away at the integrity of the fiberglass. What you are likely to see well before fiberglass degradation is a change in the appearance of the boat’s finish. The paint may begin to fade, bubble, or chip. When this protective layer is compromised, your boat’s entire structure is compromised. We can ensure that the underlying fiberglass is not reached by the forces of water. Our refinishing processes not only protect your boat from those forces, but they also make it look like it did when the boat was brand new.

Fiberglass Structural Boat Repair

It is not uncommon for fiberglass boats to be damaged by impact too. As strong as the material is, boats moving at speeds that strike a solid object can be damaged. A fracture or tear in the fiberglass can, and often does, result in the boat’s taking on water. Our repair process will restore the boat’s structural integrity. If your fiberglass boat is in need of any kind of structural repair, give us a call today at 763-972-3540.

No Mechanical Repairs

We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

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