The Importance Of Boat Bottom PaintBoat bottom paint is necessary if your boat spends a lot of time in the water. There is nothing worse than going out on a weekend and finding that your boat needs maintenance. Saltwater barnacles can be a problem. Barnacles won’t cause any damage to your fiberglass boat’s gel coat, but they can be a problem. Aquatic organisms can cause severe damage to wooden boats by drilling into the wood. Freshwater plants, algae, and zebra mussels will adhere to untreated bottoms. It’s also a headache to scrub it off. A bottom paint that is copper-rich and contains a biocide to keep the bottom clear of unwanted aquatic growth is the solution.

Which Type Of Boat Bottom Paint Is Best?

It all depends on how your boat is used. Hard bottom paint is required if your boat sits in the water. A challenging bottom paint will allow you to achieve a higher performance boat. An “ablative” paint for boat bottoms is great if your boat is used frequently and you often pull it out of the water. Ablative paint is not recommended for boats that are rarely used. Ablative paint is best if your boat is in motion to expose the new paint surface. If you have a fast boat that is very powerful, ablative paint will not work well and may wear out quickly.

Bottom paint is made with copper and biocide to discourage the growth of aquatic organisms. Important note: Copper bottom paint should not be used on metal surfaces such as aluminum boats, pontoons, or exhausts. Copper will cause a chemical reaction that will corrode metal. Use anti-fouling paint made for metal instead.

The bottom of your boat should be painted annually if it is out in the water all year. Boats that are constantly in and out the water should be painted every 2-3 years.

Hiring A Professional To Paint The Boat’s Bottom

Consider that this project will likely be much more expensive than you realize. Professional boat-bottom painting services use special stands that hold the boat so that all parts can be reached. A professional service will give you a professional outcome, while a DIY project might yield something less desirable. A professional service can help you find the right product for your boat depending on your needs. They may also contain toxic dust in a shop. They can work in a safe area with the correct materials and equipment. They will do a professional job and paint the house in a smooth, professional manner.

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