5-Point Checklist For Boat PropellersHauling your boat out of the water for winter? Now’s the time to inspect your propeller, prop shafts, seals, and zincs. If there is any maintenance required, why not get it done now instead of next season when everyone else is planning to repair their boats.

Even though dings and missing chunks are easy to spot, it takes a careful eye to catch a slightly bent blade. To be thorough, measure each blade from a fixed point. If the distance differs from one blade to the next, chances are you have a bent blade. Dings and chips can be filed down, however over-filing can displace the balance of the prop and cause further damage to other components. Bent or broken blades are not typically DIY fixes.

Check For Bent Prop Shafts

If you have an inboard motor and the prop bearings are not centered, it is safe to bet your shaft is bent. Shops can replace or re-align shafts as needed, and regardless of which is done, be sure to have the bearings, seals and couplers checked and replaced if damaged.

Check For Worn Hubs

Hubs are designed to give way on outboard and sterndrive propellers if they hit something to prevent damage to the drivetrain. If your prop is going on 10+ years of age, it would be wise to have a prop shop replace your old hub with a new component.

Inspect shafts And shaft Seals

Inboards only require a careful inspection for fishing-line damage on the outside of the shaft seals. But for outboards and sterndrives, you’ll have to remove the propeller and hardware to see if there is any fishing line. Once the line is removed, check for leaking gear lube, which, if the seal has been leaking for an extended period, will have a milky appearance. Even if there isn’t any sign of leakage, drain the gear lube and pressure check the gear case. Have the seal replaced if the lower unit doesn’t meet pressure specifications.

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