Boat Bottom Painting: Why It’s NecessaryBoat bottom painting is necessary for any boat that stays in the water continuously for long periods. Bottom paint, also called anti-fouling paint, deters the growth of aquatic organisms, plants, and algae that damage your boat’s hull, affect the boat’s performance, and add a continuous ongoing maintenance chore. If your boat is pulled out of the water frequently and stored on a trailer, a lift, or a rack, bottom paint is not required. For boats that are continuously in the water for long periods, antifouling boat bottom paint is required.

What could be worse than showing up at your boat for a weekend outing and seeing that there is needed maintenance to be done? In saltwater, barnacles are a significant issue. While barnacles may not actually damage the gel coat surface of your fiberglass boat, removing them often does cause damage. In wooden boats, aquatic organisms can bore into the wood, causing severe damage. In freshwater, zebra mussels, plants, and algae adhere to an untreated bottom, and it’s a constant maintenance headache to keep scrubbing it off. The solution is a bottom paint that contains copper plus a biocide that holds the bottom free of undesirable aquatic growth.

How Often Does A Boat Bottom Need To Be Repainted?

If your boat is in the water year-round, the bottom should be painted every year. For boats that go in and out of the water, every 2-3 years is sufficient. Many boaters that use ablative paint will alternate bottom paint colors so they can tell when the newest paint layer is thin and becoming ineffective. Also, if the boat has been out of the water for a long time, take an abrasive scrub pad and scuff the ablative paint surface to refresh the effectiveness of the paint. If your boat is in the water year-round, the bottom should be painted every year.

It is possible to paint the bottom of your boat yourself. However, you will need to educate yourself on the dos and don’ts of the process to avoid costly mistakes. There are many choices for types of bottom paint and the level of protection offered. A professional service can help you make the right choice for your boat and your boating style. For boats that remain in the water, fresh bottom paint is required for annual maintenance. The benefits are that you won’t have ongoing maintenance to continually scrub the bottom of your boat, and the organisms won’t cause damage to your hull.

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