Tips For Maintaining Marine-Grade VinylIf your boat remained in storage all winter, it might be time to make some repairs to your marine vinyl before launching your boat on the water. While you’re cleaning your boat’s interior, take note of any fading or cracks in the marine-grade vinyl surfaces. If you see any problems, they will need to be fixed.

Marine vinyl is water-resistant and built to withstand the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. It lasts longer than other types of vinyl and does not fade as quickly. It’s also stain-resistant and holds up to frequent cleanings, which helps keep your boat fresh. To prolong the life of your investment, it is suggested that you follow these steps:

Keep the interior as dry as possible. If you’re enjoying fun on the waves, expect that your boat’s seats will get wet. Try not to douse them in water and take time to towel-dry your seats once you dock the boat for the day.
Clean seats on a weekly basis. Grime and dirt will build up over time and wear down your marine-grade vinyl. Take time every week to deep clean your seats with dish soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush. Don’t forget to towel-dry the seats after you clean.
Treat spills in double time. Spills and stains are going to happen. Stay away from products that offer a quick stain-fighting solution. They may be made of abrasive ingredients that will damage your vinyl in the long run. Typically, a combination of mild dish soap and water will do the trick if you act quickly after a spill.

Three-Step Guide To Replacing Damaged Vinyl

Even with proper care, your marine-grade vinyl will fade over time or suffer from tears or punctures. Duct tape is a quick fix if you get a tear, but it’s not a long-term solution. You can also purchase a vinyl patch repair kit as a short-term option to seal up the tear. However, it may be more cost-effective to replace the marine-grade vinyl on your seat cushion. Here is a quick and easy tutorial for replacing the vinyl on one of your boat’s cushions by yourself in just three steps.

1. Take off the damaged vinyl. Flip over the cushion and use a screwdriver to remove the staples holding the damaged vinyl in place.
2. Cut the new vinyl. Lay out your new vinyl and use the old vinyl as a guide to trace the pattern on your replacement material. Follow the lines and cut the vinyl.
3. Staple it up. Wrap the new fabric around the cushion and plywood backing. Use a staple gun to secure it.

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