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It’s here! Brrrrr! The first snow flakes are flying. It was a great summer of boating and now as winter approaches, if you haven’t already brought your boat in to be winterized, you should be doing it now! Failure to winterize can cause your boat to suffer significant damage such as cracks that cause leaks, corrosion, frozen pipes, interior damage, and fuel degradation.

Boat Storage & Winterizing

By the time spring comes all these problems will cost you a fortune to repair, especially since most insurance policies do not cover damage done by lack of maintenance. If you are more of a Do-It-Yourself kind of person, take a peek the Winterizing Tips. If you prefer to let the experts handle it, bring your boat in and we can do it for you! Minnesota Boat Repair Shops are ramping up for the winter, lots of boats being dropped off for winter work and storage! Call to get your boat in for the winter today!

Important Tip to Remember

If the exhaust ports in the hull are normally plugged to keep critters out, remember to insert the plugs but don’t forget to remove them in the spring! If it’s an open boat and the hull has a drain plug, remember to remove it so rain and melting ice and snow will drain out. In the spring, be sure that plug is in place and tightened securely! Many a boat has sunk because a drain plug was overlooked.

Pontoon Boat With Mussel Infestation

Of course, the Minnesota DNR is reminding all boat owners to take extra precautions when removing your boat at the end of boating season.

Given the extent of outdoor recreation dependent on its accessibility for recreational activities, invasive species, pose an imminent and ominous challenge. The Minnesota DNR urges all boaters to follow the law and make sure they are not moving invasive species from one lake to another when transporting your boat. Aquatic invaders cannot swim across the land, but if you give them a lift they can travel for miles.

Not only are they are a threat to the continued enjoyment of the very lakes, rivers, and streams we value, they can do some serious damage to your fiberglass, aluminum, or even the metalflake on your new shiny boat, that can end up costing you some big bucks in boat repairs. They can ruin your equipment, clog motor cooling systems, foul hulls, and jam up your boat’s steering equipment.

We all love our lakes and protecting the natural environment that allows us to spend more time out on the water is an important step to keep them intact for our future generations of fisherman. Invasive species of plants and wildlife (including Eurasian watermilfoil and Asian carp) can present dangers to the naturally vulnerable ecosystems of our lakes and rivers.So please remember to Clean, Drain and Dry Your Boat… Inside and Out!

No Mechanical Repairs

We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

Thank you for understanding.

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