Marine-Grade Metal Flake/Poly Flake RestorationWhen properly cleaned and maintained, the coating and marine-grade paint that covers metal or fiberglass boats should maintain a great finish. Over time however, constant use, exposure to elements, and just wear and tear on the surface is going to oxidize and dull. If the finish on your boat has dulled or if you find yourself with damage to the boat and now needing a new paint job, consider the marine restoration experts and paint specialists at Anchor Marine Repair in Delano, MN for your metal flake or poly flake restoration project.

What Is Metal Flake?

Metal flake is the type of paint that is put on in layers directly on to the metal hull of a boat. There are many different color variations. Once the determined number of layers is applied to the raw subsurface of a boat, a topcoat, or gel coat can be added. This is a clear lacquer of sorts that protects the paint and adds that glassy surface that so many are accustomed to. As with any layer of paint or coating, the layers break down over time, with use and being exposed to the elements. As the layers of gelcoat break down, the metal flake is left exposed and begins to break down as well.

Reversing The Effects Of Oxidation

When the finish of your boat becomes dull and worn-looking, it is oftentimes due to the effects of oxidation. There are some things you can do to protect the boat’s finish, if you start early enough, the easiest step being to simply keep the boat’s surface clean. Each time you come in off the water, it’s a good time to rinse the finish off or clean the boat completely. If this is not ideal, or the finish has already shown signs of deterioration or degradation, then you might try a good wax job. Waxing generally brings about good results.

Marine Metal Flake Restoration And Repainting

When the damage is beyond repair and you need to consult with the professionals, consider using Anchor Marine Repair. This is what we do! We have many years of experience in painting boats, performing metal flake repair and gel coat restoration. Call (763) 972-3540 or email us at to find out about what we can do to make your boat shine like it did the day it was on the showroom floor!

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