Proper Boat Storage At Anchor Marine RepairOne of the keys to owning a boat is the question of where to keep it when you aren’t using it. Your budget, convenience, and availability are all keys that should be talked about. If you live or work in or around the Delano Minnetonka area, Anchor Marine is a great choice for wrapping, storage and off season repairs.


There’s no less expensive way to store a boat than on a trailer in your driveway or yard. A trailer offers you the advantages of taking your boat into different areas of water, taking your boat out whenever you like, or just saving fees on your winter storage.

Rack Storage

For smaller boats, a great alternative to storage is rack storage, or dry stacks. Typical rack storage facilities will keep your boat in a covered shed filled with plenty of room. Simply call the facility before you want to use the boat and they will retrieve it for you. When you are finished boating, simply bring it back, tie it up, and they will return it to the storage area for you.

Marina Advantage

If you’re a boat owner craving convenience, a marina slip is just what you need. Simply drive your family to the marina, get in the boat, and go.

Buying A Slip

In some areas, you can buy a permanent slip at a marina. This can be great to have in high demand areas, as it guarantees you a slip at the marina whenever you need to store your boat. The purchased slip is a long-term asset and is good for as long as you own a boat.

Boat Lift

Boat lifts are easier to use than traditional boat trailers. Instead of trailering a boat back and forth between the water and land, lifts allow owners to do just as the name suggests – lift their boats out of the water. Because of their ease of use, boat lifts are not merely something boat owners want to buy, they are something every boat owner must buy.

Off-Season Boat Repairs, Modifications And Upgrades

The time away from sea allows many boat owners the opportunity to take care of any repairs, remodeling, upgrades, and modifications they’ve been meaning to make. From simple maintenance such as engine tune ups and new anchors, to more intensive projects such as hull enhancements, performance modifications or paint, winter is the perfect for making sure that your vessel is ready when the warm weather returns.

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