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MasterCraft Boat Repairs Minneapolis

MasterCraft Boat Renovations MNSingle tear…. Boat season in Minneapolis is drawing to an end. While we know that you and your family members will likely shed a few tears that your time in the water is over until next year, it’s now time to take a look at your MasterCraft boat and determine whether or not it needs any repairs. If so, it’s time to call the pros at Anchor Marine to handle all of your MasterCraft Boat Repairs. At Anchor Marine Repair, we repair and refurbish all types of boats, including MasterCraft and many other top brands. Whether you’re looking for some minor boat repairs, or an extensive boat overhaul, Anchor Marine Repair is here to help. Read Full Post


Have a boat in Blaine that needs Refurbishing? We can help

Transom RepairAs boating is many people’s passion in Minnesota, we understand the importance of boat repair and refurbishing. With over 45 years of combined experience, and boat lovers ourselves, we will keep your fiberglass, aluminum or metal flake boat looking good season after season!

Fiberglass, aluminum and metal flake boat refurbishing isn’t just a DIY project, or a skill that anyone can possess after a couple tries or reading an online forum. It is an art that requires many years of dedication, time and patience. Our consistent high quality work is performed by skilled composite craftsmen that absolutely love the work they do. Read Full Post


One Stop Boat Repair Shop Minnesota

One Stop Boat Repair Shop MinnesotaIf you are a boat owner, there is no question of how important your investment and your time in the water is to your life. When something unfortunate happens and your boat needs service, you want to be able to get it fixed quickly and by a business that never compromises quality or service. Anchor Marine Repair is a one stop boat repair company located in Denalo, MN. Read Full Post


Wave Runner Insurance Repair Shop

Wave Runner Insurance Repair ShopIf you like to test the limits out on the water, a wave runner may be just what you need. On average, these jetski’s can reach 60-65 miles per hour. The feeling of gliding over the water at incredible speeds is nearly indescribable. As you can imagine, a boat of any kind that can reach those high speeds may find itself in the repair shop at times. When it comes to wave runner insurance repairs in Minnesota, there is no better partner than our team at Anchor Marine Repair. Read Full Post


MasterCraft Boat Repairs Minnetonka MN

About MasterCraft Boat Repairs Minnetonka MN If you are a fan of luxury, high-performance boats then the name MasterCraft isn’t new to you. Based in the US, the company was founded in 1968 and has become the most popular choice for water sports fanatics. The founders of MasterCraft, boat fanatics themselves, worked on a modified hull design that was perfect for water skiing and wakeboarding. In the first year of operation, they only produced 12 boats—today Minnetonka, MN residents can’t get enough of this deluxe craft. Anchor Marine Repair has worked on MasterCraft boats for years and would be happy to assist you in repairing your boat to your satisfaction. Our team specializes in repairs to fiberglass, metal flake repair and aluminum boat repair for collision, structural, and storm damaged boats. MasterCraft Boats – Perfect for Wakeboarding or Skiing MasterCraft began an exclusive partnership with one of the world’s leading high performance engineering firms, Ilmor Marine engines. The Ilmor engines have enough power to pull a train! This power is perfect for skiing and wakeboarding in Lake Minnetonka. Just a year later, the two companies unveiled the Ilmor 7.4L engine, more efficient and powerful than other marine engines.  In fact, this engine is a normally aspirated, supercharged engine. Whether you own a boat from the Prostar series or any other MasterCraft line, you can depend on Anchor Marine Repair for all your MasterCraft Boat Repair and Maintenance Services. This includes direct drive ski boats (Prostar series) the X-Series Wakeboard boats and all MasterCraft models that use Ilmor inboard marine engines. We Love Your MasterCraft Boat Almost As Much as...

Boat Repair Minnetonka MN

Many fishermen are gearing up and getting ready for the 2014 fishing season. Along with getting your fishing supplies prepared to catch the biggest northern or walleye, don’t forget about any repairs or maintenance needed for your boat. If your boat has been sitting idle all winter, there may be some hidden issues that you may not know about yet. It is best to get your boat checked and repaired before fishing opener, so you can get out on that glassy lake as soon as possible.   Our professional technicians have seen it all at Anchor Marine Repair. From new floors to boat painting, our full-service repair shop is the solution for all of your boat’s needs. Repair Services we Specialize in Include: Structural Damage Repair Floor Refinishing Leak Repair Upholstery Repair or Replacement Boat Trailer Repair Much more… We are dedicated and take pride in every boat repair project. We are trusted by our customers because we perform at the highest perfection, which is why Anchor Marine Repair has been voted #1 in Minneapolis. We offer comprehensive boat repair plans around your schedule, so you can get out on the lake enjoying what you love to do most. Don’t wait until the last minute to repair your boat. If you do, it might cost you the fish of a lifetime! Call Anchor Marine Repair today at...