Quick Transom RepairNo matter how new, old or expensive your boat may be, if the transom isn’t in proper condition, neither is your boat. The transom is the vertical section at the rear of the boat. It can be made out of multiple different types of material depending on your boat type. The transom typically houses your motor. This can mean one motor or multiple depending upon your boat size. If the transom has weakened, the engine will not thoroughly be able to transmit its full power to the rest of the hull. Likewise, the hull depends on the transom to carry the pounding back to the engine. This means that when your transom is compromised, your entire boat is compromised. If you have issues with your transom, Anchor Marine Repair can help.

Not if, But When

While the transom is arguably the most important component of your outboard boat, it also has a tendency to see the worst wear and tear. No matter how well you take care of your beloved vessel, your transom will eventually weaken and need to be restored. Exposure to the elements and consistent riding will all play a role in its weakening, but the question really isn’t if, it is more like when. The best thing that you can do is repair it before it causes further damage.

Damaged Transom & Repair

When there is damage or rot in the transom, be prepared for it to spread quickly. If the rot goes untreated, it will easily spread to the stringers and floors. If the transom, floor and stringers all go bad, then you can unfortunately say that all of the most important safety elements of your boat have been compromised and it must all be repaired. At Anchor Marine Repair, we have experience repairing and restoring all different types of boats and transom sizes. We will examine your boat and determine the amount of damage that is present. We will show you the damage, what needs to be repaired and inform you of any hurdles that may occur in getting to the area that is in need of repair. Our skilled technicians will get your boat looking bright and brand new once again no matter what type of structural damage may have occurred.

For a free estimate or consultation concerning your transom repair, give us a call today. Contact Anchor Marine Repair today at 763-972-3540 or send us an email at service@anchormarinerepair.com.

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