Structural Damage To Boats In MinnesotaStructural damage? Sounds expensive! No one wants to think about their boat being damaged beyond the normal scuffs and scratches, but there are many occasions where some structural damage could occur. Sometimes, the damage is minimal but, if not found, can lead to larger issues. If you notice any cracks or dents in the hull of your boat, get it looked at by professional structural repair technicians, such as by the team at Anchor Marine. Don’t let structural damage keep you from being able to be out on the water!

Small cracks in the fiberglass: The sight of spiderweb-looking cracks in fiberglass surfaces on boats is not at all uncommon. Fiberglass naturally breaks down over time. In many cases, the cracks are only across the surface and are merely cosmetic in nature. As they spread, they collect dirt and debris, making it impossible to keep a clean shine on the finished surfaces. If the crack has pitting or appears deeper, it may have cracked through the gel coat and into the core material of the hull. This depth of crack is more serious and can lead to bigger repairs, if not addressed. In either case, it’s wise to attempt to get to the bottom of what caused the cracking to begin with.

Holes in the hull: If you notice gaping holes in the hull that need to be patched up, there are several methods for getting this done properly. The methods depend on whether the hole is cosmetic in nature or threatens to sink your vessel. Where holes are present in the fiberglass, the repair work is best left to trained professionals, as hulls need to remain smooth and consistent, so mistakes can be costly!

Preventing Damage And Decay To Your Boat’s Fiberglass

There are several things that boat owners can do to extend the life of the fiberglass structures on the boat. One of the easiest ways is to air the boat out. Leaving the boat in the water can cause waterlog issues if there are any cracks or holes that have gone unnoticed. This can lead to wood rot and decay. Another way is to assess the boat’s bottom paint to look for damages or chipping in the paint. The paint acts as a protective layer between the harsh elements in and under the water, and the boat’s structural surface. Lastly, if you notice any scratches, get them sealed. Just as on a car, an untouched scratch harbors dirt and moisture, which lead to rust over time. The cracks on boats can be a sign of larger structural integrity issues. Don’t ignore the small signs!

Experienced Structural Damage Repair Specialists

If you notice any type of structural damage to your boat, contact the repair professionals at Anchor Marine Repair in Delano, MN today. We have the ability to get you fixed up and back out on the water in no time!

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