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Despite a winter that just didn’t seem to end, spring is finally here, and for thousands of boaters in Minnesota that means it’s time to take their boats out of winter storage and put them in the water. For boaters, annual preparation and cleaning projects are necessary rites of spring that help to ensure not only their protection and safety, but also to prevent problems that could keep them off the water once the season is underway.

2013 Minnesota Fishing Opener Reminder

Don’t forget, the countdown to the Minnesota Fishing Opener has begun. It’s only a few days away.  Even in light of the weather conditions, rain or shine or even ice, the 2013 Fishing Opener will go on as scheduled.

Make sure your boat is ready! Some of the following thoughts may seem a bit silly, but these things happen a LOT.

So here is his checklist:

* Buy a Minnesota fishing license and discover what more than a million licensed anglers already know — fishing is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. Angling licenses are valid from March 1 through February 28 of the following year.

Because of the world class fishing Minnesota enjoys, Minnesota is the envy of most states. In fact, Minnesota is one of the nation’s top five angling destinations. So, get your boats, tackle, and fishing rods & reels ready!

* Know the rules. A copy of the 2013 Fishing Regulations is probably at your favorite bait shop.

* Check your boat. Where is the plug?  Have the bearings been packed lately?  How are the tires – and the spare?  Do the blinkers and tail lights work?  What IS that smell, anyway?

* Make sure the batteries are fully charged and ready to go.

This is why you don’t release boat from winch until you get to the water.

* You may want to make a dry run to the lake to refresh your memory on the exact routine you need to follow to not only launch your boat, but how to get it out of the water and back onto the trailer.  As you know, NOTHING is worse than watching and waiting for someone who isn’t as good at the boat landing as they should be.  Don’t be that person.

Remember To Inspect Your Trailer

Remember to inspect your trailer. A malfunctioning trailer can spell disaster for even the most veteran and most prepared angler. Most trailer malfunctions and accidents can be directly traced back to a failure to dedicate some time to the most basic preventative maintenance.

Whenever you use your trailer, even if you’re only going a few miles, make sure the wheel bearings have plenty of grease. This inset photo shows what a wheel bearing looks like when the grease is past due (way past due) for renewal. The larger photo gives you an idea of what could happen.

Note that bearing protectors avoid launching hassles and can help grease last longer. If hubs don’t have bearing protectors, they’ll have to be kept out of the water until they are completely cooled before the boat is launched, or cold water will be drawn into the hubs, displacing the grease. Installing bearing protectors allows the hubs to be dunked while they’re still warm.

Remember, this was during afternoon rush hour when everyone was eager to get home! Ugh!

Wheel bearing problems account for 21 percent of service calls. While statistics don’t always grab your attention, consider what happened to one boater on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge during afternoon rush hour: The wheel bearings on his trailer caught fire, which brought the trailer to a screeching halt.

No doubt the hapless boat owner got a lot of “helpful advice” from hundreds of frustrated commuters as they inched past his smoldering trailer.

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