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Propeller Mount Boat Repairs In Twin Cities Metro

Propeller Mount Boat Repairs In Twin Cities MetroHave you ever thought about how a boat is able to float on water at high speeds and with multiple people on board? Some people fear the water, but they feel safe when enjoying the lake life on a boat. Boats have been around almost as far back as history goes. In the beginning of time, canoe type boats were made of wood and rocks. Today‚Äôs boat has come a very long way and what is in store for the future is extremely exciting. One of the most important parts of a boat today is the propeller. Without a functioning propeller, your boat simply will not work. If you live in the Twin Cities of Minnesota and need propeller mount repairs… Read Full Article →


Boat Propeller Mount Repairs MN

Propeller mount repairsYour boat will go only as far as your boat propeller will take it out on the Minnesota waters. The minute you notice your propeller acting strange, it is important that you contact boat repair experts in Minnesota. Conveniently, the number one repair shop in the Minneapolis/St Paul MN area, Anchor Marine Repair, specializes in propeller mount repairs for boats of all shapes and sizes. Read Full Post


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