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Aluminum Boat RepairYou never want your boat to be out of commission…especially this time of year. But, things happen over the winter, while your boat is docked, maybe it sustained weather damage over the winter or was in a minor collision. No matter what the cause, you want to get your boat professionally repaired and back on the water quickly and without spending a fortune. Anchor Marine Repair is the #1 boat repair shop in the entire Minneapolis, MN area and understands how much you love your boat and the water. In fact, each member of our team has decades of experience repairing boats and has a love for the work. Read Full Post


Pontoon Repair Shop

Pontoon Repair Needed MNFor a lot of people in MN, there is nothing more relaxing than getting out on one of the local lakes and taking a stroll in your pontoon boat. Pontoon boats these days are not what they used to be. These boats now offer luxurious features and a smooth ride on the water. If it has been a while since you last took a stroll in your pontoon boat, the question to ask yourself is if your pontoon boat is ready to get back in the water? Everyone knows that you are ready, but you can only go as far as your pontoon boat will take you! If you suspect that your pontoon boat may need a few repairs before hitting the MN waters, making a quick call over to our team at Anchor Marine Repair. Read Full Post


Transom Damage Repair

Minnesota Transom Boat RepairsHello fellow boat lovers! Has the ice thawed yet? Spring is gearing up around here which means that we are too. We are getting our boats ready to sell for spring, tuning up boats that have been stored with us during the winter, and making room to welcome any boats that may be in need of repair before boating season officially begins. Whether you damaged your transom last year and are just now getting around to fixing it, or you just noticed issues now that you’ve taken it out of storage, Anchor Marine Repair is ready and willing to perform transom damage repair on your beloved boat. Read Full Post


Transom Repair Minneapolis

Minnesota Transom Boat RepairsEvery part of your boat needs to be in proper working condition to run well, but what about the way your boat looks? And when is it time to say “enough” to exterior damage that could begin to affect the performance of your boat? At Anchor Marine Repair, we like to think that each part of your boat should be in as good a condition as possible, and that’s why we provide full-boat repairs for every part of your boat and for a wide variety of boat brands. That includes making transom repairs. If you’re looking for a Minneapolis, MN transom repair shop, Anchor Marine Repair is the solution. With a talented and experienced boat repair team, we can provide full-service boat repairs for mechanical and aesthetic refurbishment and repair, and we prioritize every job we get. Just as each of our customers is unique, so too are their boats, and we treat every person and boat we meet with respect and care. For a Minneapolis transom repair shop you can trust and count on to make high-quality transom repairs, come to our boat repair team, and leave knowing that your boat will look and run several times better than it did when it arrived. Read Full Post


Pontoon Boats Blaine MN

Minnesota Pontoon RepairsPontoon Boats are one of the favorites in Minnesota, and with new developments there are a variety of options for pontoons that are designed to fit all of your needs. Pontoons are now seen with larger engines and designed to move quickly through the water, while others are leisurely boats made to enjoy the scenery as you pass by, especially down all those scenic Minnesota rivers. Pontoons are so comfy they are almost like relaxing in a floating living room with the couches, lounges, kitchen sinks, and sometimes even come equipped with a slide for all to enjoy. Read Full Post


Pontoon Repair Minnetonka

Pontoon Repair Needed MNPontoon boats offer boat owners the amazing ability to sit on the open water for hours with many of the comforts in their own homes. While pontoon boats aren’t racing boats, they’re great for a variety of on-the-water activities, from fishing to boat parties to tubing! Whatever you’re using your pontoon boat for, though, you want to be sure that when the time comes to make repairs, you have a Minnetonka, MN pontoon boat repair company you can trust, and at Anchor Marine Repair, we want to be that company for you. With excellent service and generations of experience, our boat repairs are well-known across Minnesota, and we offer versatile pontoon boat repairs and restorations that will ensure that, no matter the age or model of your pontoon boat, it always leaves our shop looking good as new. Read Full Post