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Windshield Repair For a Boat

Boat Windshield RepairWhen you are out on the open water, it’s hard to wrap your mind around how important a windshield is on your boat. Well, at least until you have damage on it. It’s sort of like back pain. You don’t realize just how much you utilize your back until it begins to hurt! To be clear, you need your windshield to be fixed as much as you need your back pain to heal. At Anchor Marine Repair, we perform boat windshield repairs in a timely manner and can safely get your boat back on the water right as the temperature starts to warm up! Serving MN, IA, SD, ND, and WI, we’ve got all you need to get your boat ready for the spring! Read Full Post


Jet Ski Repair Shop Near Me

Jetski Repair Services MinnesotaHas anyone ever played Wave Race on the Nintendo 64? It can bring back some pretty good memories of sore thumbs and “power ups”. For those that don’t know, Wave Race was a Nintendo game that basically allowed players to do racing and stunt tricks on their wave runners. In one type of race, the more stunts you pulled yielded a faster engine, “power ups.” This as we know, however, is just not true in real life. For those that own wave-runners, you know exactly what we mean. In fact, the harder you go on a waverunner, the more likely you are to need it repaired. So here’s the kicker, how can you not go hard on a wave runner? Just like in Nintendo 64, it’s a “go big or go home” kind of water toy. At Anchor Marine Repair, we know how much you want your waverunner back out on the water. If you are looking for a jet ski repair shop in the Minneapolis, MN area, look no further than Anchor Marine Repair. Read Full Post


Insurance Boat Repair Shop

Pontoon Damage Shown from hard impactDamage to your boat can take many forms and be caused by many different things–storms, striking a submerged object, grounding, and collisions with other boats are among the most common causes for serious damage. In many of these cases, your insurance may cover some or all of the repair costs, in order to minimize your out of pocket expenses and potentially get you back out on the water more quickly. Anchor Marine Repair specializes in all types of boat repair and will work directly with your insurance company to make the process straightforward and painless for you. Read Full Post


Transom Damage Repair

Minnesota Transom Boat RepairsHello fellow boat lovers! Has the ice thawed yet? Spring is gearing up around here which means that we are too. We are getting our boats ready to sell for spring, tuning up boats that have been stored with us during the winter, and making room to welcome any boats that may be in need of repair before boating season officially begins. Whether you damaged your transom last year and are just now getting around to fixing it, or you just noticed issues now that you’ve taken it out of storage, Anchor Marine Repair is ready and willing to perform transom damage repair on your beloved boat. Read Full Post


Boat Repair Shop

DSCN6822Anchor Marine Repair Shop is located in Minneapolis Minnesota and provides Minnesota, Western Wisconsin, Northern Iowa and Eastern North and South Dakotas with boat repairs. We provide pick-up and drop off service for boat repairs up to a 250 mile radius from our shop.

Being Minnesota’s premier boat repair shop we offer the best service in the industry. We are the solution to all of your boat needs. We have the top of the line boat repair service and offer everything from repair, renovation and refurbishing. Serving primarily the Lake Minnetonka and Central Minnesota areas, we also serve all the way to Fargo, Sioux Falls and Des Moines, Iowa. We have a 1000 square foot shop and have the best technicians, equipment and facilities you could ask for. Read Full Post


Insurance Boat Repair Shop

Pontoon Damage Shown from hard impactThe summer is quickly approaching and we know that all of the Minnesotans are ready to get out on the lakes and rivers and soak up the sun, fish, and enjoy water sports. As the summer is short, we understand that it is pressing that you have a repair shop you can rely on for the best service that is timely and also convenient. When you are looking for a trusted Minnesota repair shop, then look no further than Anchor Marine.

With over a decade of experience, Anchor Marine has a great staff that is as passionate about boats as you are, and maybe even more. Anchor Marine is a business of passion and when you work with us, you will see our passion come through with the end results. Read Full Post


boat insurance repair shop

Delano Boat Repair ShopIf you are looking for a boat insurance repair shop, then Anchor Marine Repair is the best choice for you! Being #1 in Minneapolis, we pride ourselves on making sure that every repair is done to perfection, our clients are happy, and that we have returning customers. We have a well educated and positive team, that works on a variety of boats including fiberglass repair, metal flake repair and aluminum boat repair for collision, structural and storm damaged boats. Living in Minnesota, we understand the importance boats mean to us and we only have a few short months to enjoy the summer months before the winter grips us with the cold air. At Anchor Marine Repair, we understand the passion for boating and it was our passion that drove us to start the company, and provide renovations and refinishing in the Lake Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Central Minnesota and Western Wisconsin areas. Read Full Post


Insurance Approved Boat Repair Shop

anchor-marine-repairWhenever you make a large purchase, insurance becomes very important. When you purchase a car or home, insurance is something that goes hand in hand with this transaction. The same goes for when you buy a boat. Paying a small insurance premium each month will ensure that you are financially protected if something bad happens to your boat on the water. In addition to purchasing insurance, it is always a good idea to find a boat repair shop in your area that is insurance approved. If you love spending time on the waters of MN, WI, IL, IA, SD and ND, then Anchor Marine Repair is the perfect insurance approved boat repair shop for you! Read Full Post


Jet Ski Repair St. Paul

Jetskie Repair ShopHere at Anchor Marine our goal is to enhance your time on the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota by offering quality jet ski repair. Anchor Marine performs all types of jet ski service and repair from oil changes to installing new jet ski engines. In addition to mechanical repairs we can replace traction mats, install new seat skins and minor cosmetic repairs. Our repair technicians are highly skilled and have earned the respect of Jet Ski owners and insurance companies alike. Read Full Post


Transom Repair Minneapolis

Minnesota Transom Boat RepairsEvery part of your boat needs to be in proper working condition to run well, but what about the way your boat looks? And when is it time to say “enough” to exterior damage that could begin to affect the performance of your boat? At Anchor Marine Repair, we like to think that each part of your boat should be in as good a condition as possible, and that’s why we provide full-boat repairs for every part of your boat and for a wide variety of boat brands. That includes making transom repairs. If you’re looking for a Minneapolis, MN transom repair shop, Anchor Marine Repair is the solution. With a talented and experienced boat repair team, we can provide full-service boat repairs for mechanical and aesthetic refurbishment and repair, and we prioritize every job we get. Just as each of our customers is unique, so too are their boats, and we treat every person and boat we meet with respect and care. For a Minneapolis transom repair shop you can trust and count on to make high-quality transom repairs, come to our boat repair team, and leave knowing that your boat will look and run several times better than it did when it arrived. Read Full Post