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Repairing Boat Transoms

Repairing Boat TransomsThe transom of a powerboat is the strongest part of the vessel. It must transmit the full power of the engine to the rest of the hull, as well as carry the pounding of the hull back to the engine. The great forces exerted between the engine and the hull come to a focus at the transom. This is the single most important part of an outboard boat, yet for some reason, it takes more abuse than any other part. Eventually a transom will succumb to its abuse and weaken to the point that your boat is not seaworthy. Do not let this happen to your boat! If you see any signs of the boat transom getting week, stop driving your boat and get it fixed…. Read Full Article →


Transom Repair

Transom RepairIf you are an avid boat owner, you already know that the transom is the strongest part of your boat, and is responsible for both transmitting power from the engine to the rest of the hull and for carrying the pounding of the hull back to the engine. The transom is a critically important part of your outboard boat, and, unfortunately, over time it can really take a beating. This wear and tear eventually causes serious weakening that can leave you sidelined this season. Anchor Marine Repair is a leading US boat repair shop that can complete transom repair for all types of boats Read Full Post


Transom Repair MN

Transom repairEnsuring that each part of your boat, from the hull to the engine, is working properly is a crucial part of owning a boat and keeping your boat in good working order. Not only will you help to preserve the value of your boat and increase its lifespan, you’ll ensure that your boat looks and runs as well as it possibly can. At Anchor Marine Repair, we want to help you make the necessary repairs to your boat, including difficult boat repairs like transom repairs. When dealing with transom repairs, it’s important to hire an experienced transom repair team, not just any boat repair company. Because the transom is such an integral part of the boat’s structure, there could be what you might call “hidden” damage beneath the surface throughout your boat, so the sooner you look into transom repairs, the better. That way, we can help you avoid any additional damage to your boat. As a Delano, Minnesota boat repair shop, we’re able to service boats all over Minnesota, and that means that no matter how far you are or how extensive the transom damage may be in your boat, we’re the right team for you. Read Full Post


Boat Transom Repairs Minnesota

Boat Transom Repairs MinnesotaAny of our readers ever listen to country music? There is something about Alan Jackson’s, “Daddy Let Me Drive,” song that just gets you in the mood to take you and the kids out on the water! There is one specific part of that song that always makes us a little sad at Anchor Marine Repair. Read Full Post


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