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Boat Restoration CompanyNow that boating season has come to an end, it’s important to look over your boat for any issues or problems it may have. Whether you wanted to wait for boating season to come to an end or you just noticed an issue that your boat has, now is a fantastic time to restore your boat and get it ready for next spring. At Anchor Marine Repair, we can do just that for you! We are here for all of your boat restoration needs. Whether you need a complete renovation … Read Full Article →


Pontoon Boat Repairs MN

Pontoon Boat Repair MNIf you own a pontoon, then it’s likely that Little Big Town sings your favorite song, “Party in slow motion, out here in the open, mmmmm-motorboatin.” That’s right – this song likely speaks to you and exactly how you feel every time your pontoon glides into the water. When you own a pontoon, your goal is all about getting relaxed – “floating is all I wanna do.” At Anchor Marine Repair, we understand that having a damaged pontoon is not relaxing and it certainly isn’t a party in slow motion. We can get you back on the water fast so you can enjoy riding slow for the rest of the summer. Read Full Post


Pontoon Boat Repair Shop

Pontoon Boat Repair ShopPontoon boats have become a very popular option for boat lovers over the last decade.  They offer all of the comforts of home on the water, space for entertaining, and a nice, relaxing ride.  Pontoon boats are very reasonably priced for their size and a real value for those looking for a boat that can carry many people.  Pontoon boats are also extremely safe and ideal for families.  If you are a pontoon boat owner, you also know that the repairs are generally pretty minimal for this type of boat. However, normal wear and tear can cause minor damage and after a number of years in the water, you may need a minor repair, or you may decide to invest in some upgrades to make your boat even more comfortable for you and your guests.  Anchor Marine Repair can complete all types of pontoon boat repairs and renovations for those in the Minnesota area. Read Full Post


No Mechanical Repairs

We provide fiberglass & aluminum boat damage repair, painting, and refinishing. We do not have any mechanics on staff, and cannot provide any mechanical repairs or quotes.

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