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Boat Repair and Renovation MN

Boat Repairs MNWhen you buy a boat, it becomes part of the family. For many, there’s no place they would rather be than strolling in their family boat on a lake in Minnesota. Unfortunately, over time boats age and require upkeep. If you have a family boat that is sentimental and you can’t part ways with it, consider investing in boat renovation services from our highly experienced staff at Anchor Marine Repair. Specializing in boat repair and boat restoration, we can bring that classic look back in no time! Read Full Post


Boat Painting Minneapolis/St Paul

ski_boat_beforeA paint job on your boat serves more than just a decorative purpose. We all love the look of a freshly painted boat as the sun hits it in just the right spot. Just as important as the look it provides, a fresh paint job on your boat also provides protection. If the paint on your boat has chipped and broken down, that can lead to other boat damages such as rust and corrosion. Read Full Post


Boat Repairs and Renovations Minnesota

MIstakes can happen. Whether it is on or off the water, boating accidents occur all the time. The only thing worse than having a boat damaged in an accident or storm, is having that same boat sit at your home or marina for several years without getting it fixed. If you are a boat owner that is looking for someone to repair or renovate your boat, look no further than Anchor Marine Repair. Experienced Boat Repair Crew Located in Delano, MN, we serve anyone in need of boats repairs and renovations. We are the number one Minneapolis boat repair service and we look forward to working on your baby soon! All of our technicians take pride in what they do. Every single person on our team has been with us for over 10 years and we make up a combined 45 years of experience in boat repairs, renovations, and refurbishing. Boats are our passion and we are constantly looking for better ways to repair your boat and give it back in better condition than it was before the accident ever took place. For this reason, our technicians stay up to date with the most current technologies and techniques for boat renovations. Our Boat Repair Facility In order to best serve the state of Minnesota and surrounding areas, we knew we would have to have a great facility. We are proud to own a two building facility close to Lake Minnetonka. With over 10,000 square feet of working space, we are sure that we can accommodate any boat up to 38’ in length. If your boat is broken down or...

Boat Repair Service Minnetonka MN

If you own a boat and are in the Minnetonka area – Anchor Marine is your superior boat repair, restoration, winterization and storage facility. We offer Minnesota full-service marine work! The winter months are pretty dull for your boat, she doesn’t see any action and quite possibly spends her time out in the cold with little protection, other than shrink-wrap. Anchor Marine can change the course of your boat’s winter. Take this time to get repairs done, a new coat of paint, new upholstery or just give her a warmer safer spot to hibernate, in our indoor storage facility – It’s not too late in the off-season. Off-Season Boat Repairs While you’re fishing out of an ice house, keeping your hands warm with a mini heater, we could be restoring your pride and joy to her prime. Get ahead of the spring rush and contact us shortly to be sure that when that perfect, sunny day finally appears – you’ll be ready for it! Our boat repair technicians have what it takes to ensure a smooth ride and striking appearance. Services We Can Provide: Customize – Give her a name, custom paint job or just refresh the paint condition. Windshield Repairs and Replacement – A small chip can grow fast and a large crack can lead to more damages, as well as a possibly painful experience. Transom – This reinforcing beam is critical to the boat’s structure, which is why it is so very important that it be repaired or replaced properly. Propeller Repairs – A boats propeller directly affects performance, control and the efficiency of your boat and...