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Jet Ski Insurance Claim Body Repair Shop

Jet Ski Insurance Claim Body Repair ShopJet skis are an absolute blast…until they are not. The lakes of Minnesota are filled with jet skis at certain times of year because they provide so much fun and entertainment for people of all ages. They also tend to be pretty durable and resilient, but there are occasions when they need repairs. The fact that they do their work on water reduces much of the impact that other motorized vehicles experience, but the hull of your jet ski can still take a beating on the water. The joy of getting out on the water for the first time on a new warm-weather period, can cause jet ski riders to go at it with more exuberance than usual. It is not the jumping that causes damage, but the landing. Read Full Post


Insurance Approved Jet Ski Repair Shop MN

Jetskie Repair ShopSomeone once posed the question, ‘have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski?’ We feel pretty confident at Anchor Marine Repair that if a person is riding their jet ski, happiness knows no bounds. However, if they’re bringing it to the shop all busted up and broken during the middle of boating season, there’s generally no smiles happening. Jet Ski lovers, do not fret! Your insurance approved jet ski body shop in Minnesota is here to save the day…or at least the rest of your boating season. If you are in need of jet ski repair, Anchor Marine Repair is the place to get it done.

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Jetski Accident Repair

Jetski Repair Services MinnesotaJet Skis are equipped for fast fun on the water. They fly across the surface giving you a personal and up close look at every dancing wave. While personal watercraft is designed to be safe the risk of an accident is a possibility. After making sure that everyone is safe and reporting the accident to the appropriate authorities the next step is to contact an Insurance Approved Jetski Accident Repair Shop. Read Full Post


Jet Ski Repair

Get those watercrafts out of storage and back into the water! The peak season to get out on the lakes of Minnesota has arrived, and what better way to enjoy your summer than being on your jet ski! Wait a minute; does your jet ski need to be repaired before it can be...

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