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Pontoon Boat Insurance Approved Repair ShopAt Anchor Marine Repair, based in Delano, Minnesota, we repair and restore countless makes and models of boats and Jet Skis, providing a much-needed service to boat owners all over the state of Minnesota. We’ve made it our mission to be a reliable and affordable boat repair company, and with the promise of excellence, we service all of our customers’ boats as if they were our own – with precision and care. If your Pontoon boat is in need of repairs, you can count on Anchor Marine Repair as a high quality boat repair company that knows the ins and outs of Pontoon boats and Pontoon boat repairs. With excellent repairs that will speak for themselves, we’ve become a trusted Pontoon boat repair company, insurance approved and recognized by our customers as trustworthy and detail-oriented boat repairers. Read Full Post


Pontoon Boat Repairs

Pontoon RepairWhen is a boat not a boat? When it’s aground! This joke is so true! The last thing you want is for your pontoon boat to be “grounded” because it needs to be repaired. Even though summer time is coming to an end, there is still plenty of time for you and your family to be out on the water in Minnesota! At Anchor Marine Repair, we can handle all of the common repairs that happen with a pontoon boat, as well as the repairs that leave many people perplexed. Read Full Post


Pontoon Boat Repair Minnetonka

Pontoon Repair MNPontoon Boats have come a long way since their beginning in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Today’s pontoons are symbol of comfort on the water. A pontoon boat can provide fun and relaxation for the whole family. Don’t waste one day of cruising around Lake Minnetonka because your boat is in need of Serious Repair. Anchor Marine Repair is an Insurance Approved Vendor that provides fast and affordable repair of all types of pontoon damages. Contact us for Driver at Fault Accident Repair or Storm Damage Repair. Our technicians are well qualified to repair, update, renovate or customize your prized pontoon.


Pontoon Repair Minneapolis MN

Some people love the feeling of being on a speed boat zooming across the lake. Others enjoy the more slow paced atmosphere that a pontoon boat brings. Pontoon boats offer a relaxing way to travel along the lakes of Minnesota while you and your friends and family can enjoy the beautiful views. Quite often, we see people that have had speed boats their whole life transition over to a pontoon boat because they are so eager for the luxury and calming feeling that a pontoon boat provides. If you live in Minneapolis, MN and are an owner of a pontoon boat that needs repair, look no further than Anchor Marine Repair! Take advantage of these cold winter months now so that your pontoon boat will be ready to go this spring!


Pontoon Boat Repairs Minnesota

Pontoon Services Are you in the St. Paul area and need your pontoon serviced? Anchor Marine has the skilled boat repair technicians that can perform any and all types of repairs, restorations and upgrades, which will leave your pontoon in tip-top-shape. Whether your choice lake is located in the cities, like Lake Minnetonka, White Bear Lake or you enjoy your fishing a little more north, such as Gull Lake, Mille Lacs Lake, Leach Lake, even Lake Winnibigoshish- we’ve got your boat needs covered- You Becha! Whether it’s an accident while transporting, damages from the dock, another boat, some unexpected shallow water or the years of great times are just starting to show – Anchor Marine has everything you need. From structural boat repairs to flooring or a new paint finish give us a call. All of the products, materials, tools and skills we are equipped with are unmatched, we’ll get your boat looking better than EVER before! We are the best in Minnesota don’t cha know…(okay, I’ll stop with the Minnesotan speech…we don’t sound like that anyway!) Pontoon Accessories If it’s time for a boat upgrade, we’re the marine shop for you! We can get any upholstery but choose to provide only the best. Our combined 45 years of experience and a little elbow grease can take your dinged, dented and chipped pontoon and turn it into a boat that turns heads. We can deck it out with speakers, make it bold with custom paint, however you’d like – from high speed capabilities to added comfort and shade. We offer competitive and affordable boat repair and restoration services. We...